Danny DeVito as Frank Reynolds photoshopped into the Last of Us

‘The Last of Us’ Was Missing One Crucial Philadelphian

Have you ever wondered what would happen if your favorite characters from other shows ended up in the apocalypse? Well, we might have an answer. Sort of. That is, if your favorite character in It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia happens to be Frank Reynolds.

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One fan of the game The Last of Us thought to themselves, “What if we added Frank Reynolds to it?” Now we know. Other than being the reason that Sarah Miller is dead (come on Frank, what are you doing!), Frank is asking some seriously important questions during the game. Mainly what everyone is doing in his apartment and what is going on in general. The video shows us what it would be like to have live-action Danny DeVito replace Joel Miller in The Last of Us.

I would also love to see a version of this where it’s the HBO series and Danny DeVito stars opposite Pedro Pascal, but we’ll save that for another day.

The creator has made these kinds of videos before. Other versions with the same style include Ron Swanson from Parks and Recreation in Half-Life 2. This is funny given Nick Offerman’s role as Bill in The Last of Us TV series. The video from YouTuber eli_handle_b․wav is a masterpiece. Look—sometimes, you have to stop and ask yourself the hard-hitting questions. Would I survive in a post-apocalyptic world? And if I did, what fictional characters would join me?

The reality of the situation is that if anyone in this world would end up somehow surviving in the aftermath of the Cordyceps outbreak, it would be the team over at Paddy’s Pub. Maybe it’s all the growths and near-death experiences that help them become immune like Ellie is to the bite?

Frank would survive the Cordyceps virus

Imagine, if you will, a world where Joel Miller has to take Frank Reynolds across the United States to the Fireflies. Joel barely wants to take Ellie, and dealing with Frank when there are three people around is hard enough. To be fair, though, I think if Joel had to deal with the crew from Paddy’s, he might just let the flesh-eating people take him. The infected can have him if it means freedom from that particular type of torture.

Now this version, as I said before, has Frank in the Joel role—but I think it’d be funnier if Frank and Ellie were both immune. I mean, come on, after everything that Frank Reynolds has been through, he has to somehow be immune to Cordyceps, right? Things like this video are perfect because they give us a hilarious look into a future we can only dream of—one where Paddy’s Pub, against all odds, survives the apocalypse.

Do I want Danny DeVito to have to fight off the infected? Of course not. But I think if anyone could do it and survive, it’d be him. My man knows how to do it all and make us laugh while it is happening.

(featured image: HBO/FX)

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