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The Internet Is Losing Its Mind Over Ghostbusters: Afterlife‘s New Ghost, Muncher

Look at this gloopy blue buddy. LOOK AT HIM.


ghostbusters: afterlife

It was announced yesterday that Sony has pushed the release dates of several of their big tentpole films, including Ghostbusters: Afterlife. Jason Reitman’s highly anticipated sequel to the iconic horror comedy franchise will debut on November 11, 2021. But as we wait for November to arrive, the internet has gifted us with a sneak peek at a brand new ghostly cast member. Friends, meet Muncher: he’s blue, he’s gloopy, he’s vaguely sexual, and he’s here to haunt your dreams.

The photo comes courtesy of an unlikely source, MasterChef Junior: Spain, which featured an episode challenge based on the film. The site Ghostbusters News also gave us a glimpse of Muncher, who is featured in the upcoming toy releases accompanying the film.

Clearly inspired by iconic ghost Slimer, Muncher is a blue, chubby phantom that resembles a tardigrade crossed with Ernest Borgnine. He’s kind of a mess, but the internet has grown to embrace him. If Gritty was the meme king of 2020, Muncher seems poised to take the crown in 2021.

Muncher has already inspired a host of tweets, ranging from the celebratory to the confused to the profane. It doesn’t help that the name Muncher has sexual connotations, inspiring people to regard the character as a “Slimer that f-cks.”

I don’t know, maybe it’s because we’ve spent the last year of our lives indoors with little human contact, but everyone has quickly decided that this ghost is horny AF. Clearly this is what happens when a pandemic ruins casual sex for us all. Meanwhile, others are puzzled and delighted by the appearance of this blue goopster who is trying his best:

I feel for this big blue boy. Look into his eyes, twin pools of deep blue despair. Muncher has seen some shit, y’all. And now, even in death, he is mocked and compared to terrible republicans? Tough break, kid. Like it or not, you’re the new avatar for 2021. We are Muncher. Muncher is us. Pull up a folding chair next to Bernie Sanders, you meme God, you.

(via /Film, featured image: screencap)

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