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The Deadly Sue: TMS Plays The Walking Dead: Michonne Episode 2.6

We’re back with more of Michonne’s adventures in The Walking Dead episodic adventure series by Telltale Games! If you’d like to catch up on the rest of the episodes before plunging into this one, you can do so via The Deadly Sue tag here, or you can watch ’em all on our YouTube channel’s playlist for the series. FYI, there’s some pretty extensive talk of suicide in this week’s episode.

Last week, Michonne had a mental flashback to the day when her daughters disappeared. She retraced her steps and even talked through the final phone call she had with a friend. That whole reverie leaked into the present, though, because apparently Michonne was talking out loud by accident and disturbing her new allies.

Well, hopefully they’re allies. The woman of the household was kind enough to ask if Michonne is okay, which seems like a good sign, since Samantha’s family is pretty mad at Michonne about the fact that Greg didn’t come home alive. (Jury’s still out on whether Samantha’s going to make it, by the way, but her chances seem promising.)

Turns out John (Samantha’s dad) told this woman to “watch over” Michonne while he tends to the kids somewhere. Michonne doesn’t seem thrilled about her new “babysitter” (her words), but it’s better than being kidnapped. The two seem to be getting along okay; the woman apologizes for shooting at Michonne and being initially suspicious about letting her into the house. Hopefully Michonne has successfully won these people over by saving Samantha’s life before their very eyes.

The two women go to the window; it’s raining outside. One of Samantha’s younger brothers is outside at a grave site … for their mother, apparently. We learn that their mother committed suicide; apparently she was also “sick,” but not with anything zombie-related. Michonne admits that she’s also considered suicide. The other woman says she has too: “I’ve thought about it. How could you not?”

The two hear someone’s voice calling from another room, and they go to follow. It’s Samantha, who is apparently still alive and now waking up from what seems like a bad dream about Greg’s death. They calm her down and she falls back asleep. John walks by the doorway with one of the two young boys over his shoulders, probably on his way to put him to bed. Eventually he comes back in the room and tells Michonne he needs a word with her in private.

Apparently “in private” means “outside in the cold rain.” Yeesh! John asks Michonne if she has any children; she tells him it’s not her business. He seems to interpret this as a “yes,” but it’s hard to say. He walks Michonne over to his wife’s grave; he then claims his wife died of a heart condition, and says nothing of the suicide. So Michonne tells him that she already knows about the suicide. John responds with shock; it’s clear that he feels ashamed that his wife took her life, and he doesn’t even want to tell his kids about it. (Our Let’s Player Sam expresses her own opinion here about how the character of John seems overly judgmental and not understanding about his wife’s situation.)

John keeps laying the guilt on Michonne with regard to Greg’s death, saying, “You have no idea what it’s like to lose a child.” She does, though! When Michonne responds to his diatribe with a “Fuck you,” John sounds like he’s about to banish Michonne from his home. He doesn’t manage to get the words out though, because all of sudden, there’s Randall and Randall’s gun. Randall head-shots John, who falls to the ground.

One quick-time event later, Michonne dodges Randall’s advance and makes it back to the front porch. The woman of the house walks out, Michonne gives her a warning look, and she runs back inside (to get a gun, let’s hope). Randall and two of his cronies creep slowly towards the porch. Michonne doesn’t wait around; she hops over the porch railing and sneaks up behind one of the two guys, slits his throat, and takes his shotgun. She turns around, sees the other guy, and takes him down too.

But where’s Randall? Uh-oh. He made it all the way into the house, and now he’s fighting that other woman. Michonne runs back to help them. Guess we’ll have to find out what happens to our heroes next week!

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