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Chace Crawford & Antony Starr: Favorite Memes & Sea Life vs. Humans for ‘The Boys’ Season 4

The Boys are back and season 4 is just as wild as ever. With political power shifting, Billy Butcher (Karl Urban) struggling, and Vought being torn apart, there is a lot to talk about, so why not talk about Ambrosius and memes with stars Chace Crawford and Antony Starr?

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Ambrosius (played by Tilda Swinton this season) is the Deep’s (Crawford) octopus lover. They have a deep connection with each other, but that is shifting. He’s not taking care of her like he used to, and their relationship is struggling. So I, like many other journalists, wanted to know about their shifting relationship, and Starr pointed out that Crawford was getting a lot of questions about her.

But this season does mark a bit of a change for the Deep, and he’s interacting with humans a lot more than he is aquatic life and Ambrosius, so I asked if there was a part of him that was happy or if he missed talking to Ambrosius more in the show. “I like the scenes that they had this year for them,” Crawford said. “We had some funny scenes. I mean, listen, God bless Ambrosius, we’ll miss her, but I don’t miss it that much.”

Then we talked about memes, as you do with the cast of The Boys. Homelander (Starr) has been the center of many memes throughout the show’s run, including one of him watching something and reacting to it, people all clapping at him, and more. Starr doesn’t necessarily have a favorite meme, but he does have a favorite image that people use.

“I don’t have a specific meme, but there’s a picture, that one has done the rounds,” Starr said. “There’s another one where it was like a screengrab of me just after I’ve had a meltdown on stage and I’m out just before I milk the cow in season three. And it’s me going like this, and I look like a hot air balloon. I look dreadful. But it’s so funny. It’s so ugly and that’s my favorite.”

You can see our full chat here:

The Boys season 4 is airing on Prime Video now.

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