Ayo Edebiri as Sydney on The Bear.

Season 3 of ‘The Bear’ Gave Us a Surprising New Ship

The Bear season 3 brought fans into a working restaurant, for better or worse. Sydney (Ayo Edebiri) and Carmy (Jeremy Allen White) are fighting back and forth, and while I am Team Syd/Carmy most days, a new ship has appeared for me: Syd and Luca (Will Poulter).

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Season 3 spoilers ahead!

Throughout the season, Syd is struggling with what she wants. Carmy is making it difficult to work at The Bear because he won’t let her work with him. Instead, he just wants to control everything, and that isn’t what Syd signed up for. The tension between the two is carried throughout the season, and it is hard to watch when they both worked hard to be there for each other.

So when a new cute boy showed Syd interest, I was on high alert. My other ship on the show is Syd/Marcus (Lionel Boyce), but this season, Syd made it clear that right now, they are friends. And that’s okay! (I’m not shutting that door, though.)

That leads us to Luca. At the funeral dinner for the restaurant Ever, Syd and Luca are sitting next to each other at the table and are both wondering if Carmy approaching his old boss (Joel McHale) is a good thing. But the two are hanging and joking around, and we even see them standing together in the kitchen and smiling with each other. That is, unfortunately, all I need to have a new ship.

Syd likes to have fun. She teased Marcus, she jokes around with her dad, and in season 2, we had fun with Syd and Carmy, but to see her smiling and joking around in a kitchen with Luca was surprisingly sweet. Getting to see her happy for a brief moment was so nice, and I want more.

It is nice to see Syd smiling

After a season of Syd at her wits’ end with Carmy, to see her relaxed and smiling was such a nice change of pace, and I wasn’t the only one who noticed that there was something under the surface between Syd and Luca when they were left alone at Ever.

Maybe they are just two people who relate to each other because of Carmy’s nonsense, but it was also just adorable seeing them talking to each other when they had an entire restaurant of people they could have been interacting with that night.

Maybe Luca is the person I just ship with everyone, because I do ship him with Marcus and Carmy too, so I blame Poulter for making Luca flirt with everyone. But I wouldn’t be mad if we saw more of Syd and Luca interacting with each other in season 4, even if it is just to give her a break from the nonsense that is how Carmy has been acting.

So yes, add Syd/Luca to the list of ships I have for The Bear because it was nice to see two people having a conversation with each other on this show and not screaming at each other.

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