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We’re Getting a Season Four and Other Revelations From Teen Wolf‘s NYCC Panel

Cautiously Optimistic

Mountain aaaaaash! Sorry, just had to get that out of the way.

Yesterday’s Teen Wolf panel at New York Comic Con was host to a whole litter of revelations—for example, Linden Ashby doesn’t know what “feels” or “headcanon” are, Dylan O’Brien doesn’t know who Iago is, and Ashby can rock a fan-made infinity scarf—but the biggest one is that the show’s getting a fourth season and a post-episode talk show called Wolf Watch. The latter, in the same vein as The Talking Dead, will be hosted by Jill Wagner, who played season one’s Kate Argent.

Unlike season three, which consists of 24 episodes split into two parts, season four will be only 12 episodes. We know that season four will start in 2014, presumably in the summer because that’s when Teen Wolf always starts. I hope it’s later, though, since season 3B will run January-March. Give showrunner Jeff Davis more time to work on the show, MTV! Hopefully that’ll give us a tighter, less confused plot than season 3A had.

Other things we learned from the NYCC panel:

  • Stiles/Lydia is still a possibility. (Nooo, my brOTP!)
  • Mountain ash candy is tasty.
  • The Jeep’s name is Roscoe. Dylan O’Brien says it, so it’s true.
  • Jeff Davis wants to do more Teen Wolf comic books/graphic novels.
  • Yes, it is possible to get through an entire Teen Wolf panel without someone asking about Sterek. It was alluded to, but never explicitly mentioned. I was shocked.
  • Whereas season 3A was more action-heavy (read: endless werewolf dubstep battles), season 3B will be more in the vein of a psychological thriller.
  • Jeff Davis sometimes forgets to tell actors that he’s killing off their characters.

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