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Spatial Impossibilities Made The Shining Even Creepier

Stanley Kubrik's excellent horror film The Shining has been unnerving audiences for over two decades. Between command performances by Jack Nicholson and the entire cast, some strong source material from Stephen King, and brilliant direction, it has maintained a reputation as a truly horrifying movie. But one key aspect of the film is the fact that most of the sets for the Overlook Hotel, the central location for the film, are spatially impossible. This has long been known, but recently highlighted by Rob Ager, who created two YouTube videos on the subject. He says that the impossible nature of the hotel was first brought to his attention by an acquaintance who attempted to create an Overlook Hotel map for the original Duke Nukem. This led Ager to conduct an exhaustive study of the film, and visit the Kubrik archives in London to see the original plans for the sets. Ager confirmed that the hotel is packed with impossible windows, doors that lead to nowhere, and whole rooms that cannot exist inside the hotel.

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