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The Four Worst Ways the Sequester Will Hit Science Funding

When the so-called sequester -- billions upon billions of dollars of cuts to domestic programs, military funding, social services and pretty much any other government program you care to name -- was agreed on in 2011 after a spectacularly unproductive round of budget talks, it was meant to be a gun to the head of the American economy. The idea of making blind, thoughtless cuts to popular programs was thought to be so detrimental to the nation's economy and welfare that the thought of going through it would force Democrats and and Republicans to come together and finally pound out a budget deal that everyone can live with. With the deadline looming and no agreement in sight, though, it seems that we've proven no idea is too stupid for the U.S. government. In all likelihood, the sequester will kick in at the end of this week, making cuts in the budgets of agencies like NASA, the NIH, and plenty more American science and technology agencies. How bad is it going to be? Well, here are just a few ways the sequester will kick the teeth right out of science funding.

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Small Wonders: These Are The Best Microscope Videos Of The Last Year

No, that's not the next wave of futuristic eye exams you see before you -- it's a still from a video of what happens when you activate the lymph node of a mouse with a laser to trigger its immune response. That's the video that won Nikon's Small World In Motion microscope video contest for the best moving images of tiny, tiny things from last year. Keep reading to see this and other awesome videos that capture the beauty of things that are usually way too small to see.

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iAMScientist Looks to Crowdfunding to Support Scientific Research. Here’s Why You Should Care

Ask any scientist in the university system what they spend most of their time doing, and the answer may surprise and disappoint you. Generally speaking, it's not science. I's not even grading papers or overseeing students to nurture a new generation of researchers and innovators. Filling out grant paperwork is the single activity that dominates the days of all too many researchers and academics. Massachusetts based startup iAMScientist wants to change that by acting as a Kickstarter for scientific pursuits and research projects.

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