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Kid President Travels to GE to Learn About Inventing, Remains Adorable While Doing So [Video]

Also, if you ever figure out the specs to that cat vacuum, give us a call. We want one.

11-year-old Robby Novak, AKA Youtube's Kid President, is basically the cutest little dude in the whole wide world. He also uses his cuteness powers for good, which is why he devoted an entire episode to learning how to invent stuff. If only we could all be as well-dressed and creative as our kid president buddy.

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Kid President Just Won Mother’s Day

Tomorrow is Mother's Day here in the U.S. and our nation's Kid President has some words on the subject. Specifically, he has ten things he thinks kids everywhere want their moms to know. As ever, this Kid President video is adorable and hilarious. Posting this link on your mom's Facebook wall won't necessarily make up for forgetting to get her a gift, but it couldn't hurt.

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Kid President Meets President Obama, Restores Our Faith in Humanity [Video]

Setting aside how you actually feel about President Barack Obama for a moment, I feel like we can all agree that Kid President is pretty great. For those that might not know, Kid President is exactly what he sounds like: A kid that's also the President. Okay, it's actually a kid that just wants to spread hope and joy -- and dance a bunch -- that also happens to be really adorable. Recently, Kid President actually got to meet President Barack Obama in person, and yeah, the video's as great as you'd expect.

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