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Rating for This Is Spinal Tap IMDB Page Goes Up to 11

The Internet Movie Database has a cute easter egg for those that know the Spinal Tap joke: The band's amps go up to 11, so now the rating on their movie's IMDB page does as well.

(The Internet Movie Database via Splitsider via Flavorwire)

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Born in Seinfeld, Raised in The Sopranos, Went to College in The Drew Carey Show

Andrew Shears, a doctoral student in geography, crafted this map in response to Reddit user Subtonix's Map of US States by Movies. As a Jersey (not Joisey) patriot myself, I'm quite happy with The Sopranos, considering that they filmed large portions of the show in my town and high school. Seriously. But more broadly, for everyone who has never visited the US: Yes. Everything you see about us on television is true. Click to embiggen. (via Flavorwire.)

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Geekolinks: 9/24

There Is Going to Be a Emily the Strange Movie, and Chloë Moretz Will Star

Emily the Strange, the marketing graphic turned fashion statement turned Dark Horse comic book character was optioned for a feature film back in 2008, but the major hurdle in the project was finding an actress to play the titular heroine. One that wouldn't upset the, by definition, difficult to please young fans of Emily. According to Deadline, the creator of Emily the Strange, artist and skateboarder Rob Reger (who made her up to adorn Santa Cruz Skateboards' boards in 1991) has finally met his Emily: Chloë Moretz, the actress behind Hit-Girl, and Hollywood's current go-to tween girl for subversive stories. Says Reger: "She really identifies and understands the character, and has what it takes to bring her to life."

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Geekolinks: 8/28

Tomorrow is Read Comics In Public Day

Tomorrow isn't just Saturday, and it isn't just the birthday of Jack Kirby, creator of nearly everything about Silver Age Marvel and DC comics that was off its rocker. It's also the the first annual International Read Comics In Public Day. IRCIPD is the brainchild of Brian Heater and Sarah Morean, editors of The Daily Crosshatch. Heater explains:
Like so many great things in this world, Read Comics in Public Day has its roots in a joke. I don’t remember the exact wording, but it was something off-handed about reading novels on the train, because I was too embarrassed to read comics in public. Like many good jokes, that one had its root in the truth.

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People From the 1800’s Used Textspeak Too… As A Joke

If you've got a cell phone and at least one friend with same, chances are you've run into the phenomenon known as textspeak. Phrases such as "I'll see you before tomorrow" can be shortened to "C U B4 tmw" or similar, mainly to overcome the traditional 160-character limit of SMS, or simply to speed up the otherwise arduous task of typing words into a tiny, poorly laid out phone keypad. If you were to ask the average person when this trend started, many would probably say the late '90s or '00s. But as points out, those people would be wrong.

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Geekolinks: 8/19

Geekolinks: 8/18

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