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Twitter vs. TV News in the Modern Era

We're big fans of Doghouse Diaries here at Geekosystem, especially when they speak a slightly exaggerated, hilarious truth. As we learned last week when the news of the death of Osama Bin Laden broke, social media -- particularly Twitter -- spread said news long before President Obama delivered it himself on live television. A guy even unknowingly live tweeted the raid on Osama's hideout.

Luckily, if one doesn't understand that the times are a'changin', Doghouse Diaries provides the above handy lesson in a'changin' times. Head on past the break to see a larger version of the comic.

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Interesting Things About Google’s Logo

Interesting facts presented in a form other than a 3-foot-tall infographic? Say it ain't so! (via Doghouse Diaries; republished here with the permission of the creators)

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An Intricate Study on the Use of Pens

The above graphic was probably the result of a twenty-three-year-long study involving beakers and multimillion dollar government funding. Or not.

Doghouse Diaries also has conducted a detailed study on a similar phenomenon. (reddit via The High Definite)

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