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New Political Party Makes PowerPoint Platform Issue

We've all been there, counting the number of tiles on the floor while stuck listening to a presenter drone on as they shuffle through PowerPoint slides on something we couldn't care less about. But a new political party in Switzerland is making dislike of PowerPoint a political issue. The presentation medium of choice, Microsoft's PowerPoint has come under fire for being uninformative, boring, and hurting our ability to think. The New York Times even warned about the U.S. military's use of PowerPoint to convey its strategy declaring, "We Have Met the Enemy and He Is PowerPoint." Now, the Anti-PowerPoint Party is taking a political stand, rallying behind the cause to make PowerPoint illegal in Switzerland. The Anti-PowerPoint Party claims that the use of the presentation software costs the Swiss economy approximately 2.1 billion Swiss Francs a year (US $2.5billion). They base their calculation on reportedly unverified assumptions about the number of employees that attend PowerPoint presentations weekly, and the assumption that these presentations hold no value for 85% of attendees thus costing companies money from the loss of productive work hours.

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