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Why is the One Piece “Suitsy” So Emotionally Upsetting To Us?

MY EYES! *hssssss*

Wearing clothes is just so inconvenient. What, you mean I have to put on pants and a shirt and possibly even a jacket in some circles? Can’t we just zip up our well tailored suits and be done with it? No, we can’t, because as Suitsy creator Jesse Herzog shows us, doing so is kind of like looking into the jaws of an eldritch abomination. I can’t explain why it’s like that, but it is. Just watch the video and share in our anguish.

The only possible justification we can think of for owning a unspeakable horror such as this is if you are Superman and being able to zip in and out of your entire Daily Planet wardrobe is too tedious. And even then, could you imagine what it’d be like for Lois Lane to walk in and find the suitsy? It’d be like finding your significant other’s shedded skin on the crumbled heap on the floor. No thank you, good sir. Take your business witchcraft elsewhere!


(via GQ)

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