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New Steven Universe Trailer an Intense Look at Its Upcoming Television Event

Is Steven Universe supposed to be this intense? Because this new trailer for upcoming episodes of Steven Universe is way intense! Check it out above.

Steven Universe returns (finally) with a four-week, five-part special event called Steven Universe: In Too Deep, which begins on Thursday, May 12th. In it, it seems we’ll be getting the return of Alexandrite as the Crystal Gems must face off against Malachite, the terrifying fusion between Lapis and Jasper. It looks like we’ll also finally make some progress on the whole “cluster” storyline that’s been building over the course of this season. And if Yellow Diamond saying “I want that planet to die” doesn’t send chills up your spine, I don’t know what else to do for you.

I’m looking forward to Malachite, as I know that Lapis is in there somewhere, and I have a feeling that her relationship with Steven is going to be the key to this whole thing breaking open. I love you, Lapis Lazuli!

Steven Universe: In Too Deep begins with a two episode premiere on May 12th on Cartoon Network. It will then be followed by three weekly episodes to wrap up that story, all leading into the “Summer of Steven” beginning in June. What are you looking forward to seeing the most?

(via io9, featured image via screencap)

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