Serial Box Is a Subscription Service With a Whole New Way to Consume Serialized Stories

Whether you’re already flying through your 52 books in 52 weeks challenge or you haven’t picked up a book since high school, there’s a whole new way of reading you’re going to love. And when you head over to the Mary Sue Shop, you can try it out for more than half off.

Meet Serial Box, a service that delivers audio and e-books in weekly, chapter length installments that’ll have you hooked. Developed by the former global digital director at Random House, Serial Box tells engrossing stories broken up into 40-minute chunks that drop every week for 10-16 weeks—so you can anticipate each new installment the way you’d anticipate a new episode of GoT. They’ve already got press from The New York Times, NPR, and Gizmodo, which says that Serial Box has “a pretty incredible lineup of stories coming in the next couple of months.”

Case in point: the three deals we have on the Mary Sue Shop:

The Serial Box Fantasy Bundle: Perfect for sci-fi and fantasy fans, this bundle includes stories of magic, outer space, and dark forces that haunt the forest. You’ll get five serials of 10-16 episodes each.

The Serial Box Drama Bundle: Prefer drama? Sink into stories about royal families, best friends taking on adulthood together, and illicit romances. This bundle also includes five serials of 10-16 episodes each.

The Serial Box Murder Mystery Bundle: Play detective with the five serials in this bundle. Join the teens fighting for survival in a post-apocalyptic world, solve crimes in Tokyo in the year 2033, and find a murderer along with a college podcaster in over her head.

Whichever bundle you choose, we have a feeling they’ll make a bookworm out of you. Grab them at the Mary Sue Shop for just $29.99!

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