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These Rescue Cats Cradled by a Pianist as He Plays Are Living the Dream

The rest is hiss-tory.

Sarper Duman plays the piano for his cats.

I’ve never wanted to be a cat. Fur balls? Pass. Being judged for being a cat? Nope. Having dogs chase you around for funsies? How about no? But seeing these cats being held in Sarper Duman’s arms … well, he changes everything. Duman is a Turkish pianist who has made it his life’s work to rescue abandoned street cats and in turn steal our hearts. He has about 19+ cats and they all love one thing: sarper playing piano for them while they laze about.

And he doesn’t play just any songs, either. Duman spends his time composing original pieces that his feline friends can enjoy. In a way, it’s therapy for the cats, who have had a hard life. But it’s also a way for Duman to practice self care of the daily. Why? Because about 10 years ago, Duman was in crisis, and according to a Facebook video profile, he found himself in a park one day, and a stray cat made his way over Duman and into his life.

For those who own cats, you know what this means. The cat has chosen its human, and there are no take-backsies. Now, for over 10 years, Duman has been caring for himself and a whole horde of cats who need a little TLC. Making these videos, where we wish we were the cats cradled in his arms, is due in part to the donations from individuals that help with food, litter, and clinic expenses. It makes my heart grow a couple sizes, too, when you read his Patreon description and he calls his cats his children.

Still not convinced that being a cat in this man’s arms is a desire we all have? *Rolls up sleeves.* Get back to me after you’ve watched the videos below. You’ll want to join in and play the piano with him in no time! Also, make sure to follow him on Instagram and Twitter for more quality cat videos that put the cats and viewers into a state of calm like nothing I’ve experienced before!

(image: Sarper Duman on YouTube)

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