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Save Big on the Gold Standard of Language Learning

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When we think language learning, we think Rosetta Stone. And for good reason—CNN calls it “the gold standard of computer-based language learning,” and it’s been used by top organizations like TripAdvisor, NASA, and Calvin Klein for over 25 years. What makes Rosetta Stone so special? Pick up a lifetime subscription to courses in Mandarin ChineseGermanItalianFrenchUS English, or Japanese for 33% off and find out for yourself. They’re just $199 at the Mary Sue Shop.

Rosetta Stone’s magic is in its intuitive and immersive training method. You’ll start off by matching words to images, learning the new language just like you learned your native language as a child. And you’ll sound like a native speaker, too. Rosetta Stone uses TruAccent, the world’s best speech recognition technology to analyze the words you say 100 times per second, so you can improve your accent with instant feedback. No wonder the Wall Street Journal calls Rosetta Stone “the next best thing to living in a country.”

Grab a lifetime subscription to Rosetta Stone and learn Mandarin Chinese, German, Italian, French, US English, or Japanese for 33% off.

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