The Rocketbook Notebook Lets You Digitize Notes You Take by Hand

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Pen-and-paper diehards and smartphone notetakers each have their reasons for why their method is best. Rocketbook gets it—there’s something nice about actually writing something down, but hunting around for specific notes in different notebooks later can be a pain. So they made something that brings together the best of both worlds. Meet the Rocketbook Wave, now $19.99 at the Mary Sue Shop.

Save 25% on a smart notebook that combines traditional pen and paper with the flexibility and security of a smartphone. Just use the Pilot FriXion pen on your Wave to take notes like usual—it’s been designed to mimic a natural writing experience. Then, export your notes to the cloud for safekeeping. Ready for a fresh page? Pop the Wave into the microwave—a quick zap erases your notes and gives you a blank slate. You can write and reuse up to five times.

Save 25% on the Wave when you get it now—it’s just $19.99 at the Mary Sue Shop.

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