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(Almost) All of Quentin Tarantino’s Pop Culture References In Five and a Half Minutes [VIDEO]

hold on to your butts

Quentin Tarnatino loves his pop culture references. No, wait, that’s not saying it right: Quentin Tarantino looOOOoOooOOves his pop culture references. The crew at CollegeHumor has illustrated just how true that is with a five-minute video compiling every single pop culture reference in his films, arranged in chronological order.

They left out Django Unchained, however. But Rebecca, you might say. There are no pop culture references in Django. It took place before there were somewhat obscure-yet-cool movies and TV shows for Tarantino to reference! Yes. That’s true. But he still managed it.

As is seen in several shots of legal documents, Brumhilda’s last name is Von Shaft. (Though I want to say it was spelled von Schaft?) As QT explained at last summer’s Comic Con, Brumhilda and Django are ancestors of the Shaft.

Not that CollegeHumor should have put that in. I doubt there’s a useable shot floating around, and it’s not like it’s overt. I just wanted to illustrate how one should never doubt Quentin Tarantino’s ability to work pop culture into his films. You will always lose that bet. Always.

(via: /Film)

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