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Pokemon‘s Iconic Intro Gets a Stock Footage Makeover

I want to be the very best.

Ash is a Pokémon master, in the Aloha League

The Pokemon anime intro is iconic. It was a banger when it premiered in the ’90s and it’s still one to this day. And I didn’t know any kid at school who didn’t know this song, because it surpassed cliques and was universally known as that one song you had to throw your everything into when it came on or someone started singing the lyrics randomly. You were compelled to join!

And honestly, I didn’t think it could get any better. Then, Matthew Highton came along and said “Hold my beer” while reimagining the entire Pokémon intro. Highton is a filmmaker and comedian whose stock footage makeovers have gone viral, one after the other. He’s done stock footage makeovers of intros like The Simpsons, The OC, and my favorite, Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Personally, I was sold as soon as Mewtwo appeared onscreen as a furry cat lady in the remade Pokemon intro. It only got better from there when Rapidash appeared as a flaming unicorn in the sky. And it got absolutely wild when Kadabra was given a gremlin makeover, Charmander was a healthy dinosaur, Lapras was a swan boat ride, and Dragonair (the cutest Pokemon) was a horrifying toy monster.

It’s easy to see how much love Highton puts into these stock footage remakes. So, make sure to check out his other remakes and leave him some love, or a request for a future remake, on his Twitter!

(image: Screengrab/Nintendo)

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