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Our 9 Favorite Pokémon Squishmallows for 2024

Bro, I gotta squish ’em all. It’s my quest. To be the very best. Traveling across the land. Searching far and wide. Understanding the fuzzy feeling that’s inside. With these Pokémon squishmallows, I’ll be unstoppable. Really just emotional stable. Healthy. Not so stressed out.

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A squishmallow pikachu  from "Pokemon" smiling

Gotta start off with the classic. It’s Pikachu. This little dude has been with us from the beginning. He’s the most iconic Pokémon that the franchise has ever produced. He’s famous. He’s been in movies. And not just animated ones. He was once voiced by Ryan Reynolds. He’s been on the cover of video games. He even made an appearance in fighting games like Super Smash Brothers. I’m not even sure that he’s gonna have the TIME to cuddle with me? I guess five minutes every third Thursday of the month is better than no time at all.


A squishmallow of Snorlax from "Pokemon"

While Pikachu might be the most famous Pokémon, it’s no secret that Snorlax is the best. Pikachu is busy. A movie star. The face of a franchise. He just doesn’t have time for the “little people” anymore. Snorlax? He’s humble. He’s simple. All he wants to do is eat, sleep, and be in everyone else’s way and dammit that’s what I wanna do too! He’s life goals. He’s the ultimate chill vibe. And he’s a wayyyyy better cuddler. He’s literally all soft, furry blubber. And that soft, furry blubber will ALWAYS have time to cuddle with me, because he never does anything else. Literally no other commitments. No job, no mortgage, and he still sleeps like he pays the bills. And you know what? That’s how it should be.


A squishmallow of Teddiursa from "Pokemon"

I get it. Maybe Snorlax is too chill. Maybe sometimes when you’re lying on his chest in the night, you’re not really sure that he even knows you’re there. You wish that for once he would open his sleepy eyes and just acknowledge you. But that’ll never happen. You can’t change people, Pokémon are no different. But Teddiursa? Teddiursa IS different. Look at those sweet little eyes, capable of peering into our very soul. He sees you. He hears you. He’s THERE for you. Had a bad day? He’s sure to listen. Happy to. Just look at that smiling little face.


A squishmallow of Genera from "Pokemon"

Teddiursa is innocent. A child. He doesn’t get how the world works. He doesn’t know how mean it can be. He’s sympathetic, but he’ll never understand. Maybe you need a Pokémon that understands the dark stuff. A Pokémon that’s been there. A Pokémon that’s looked the abyss right in the eye and LAUGHED. That Pokémon is Gengar. He’s a tough guy. A cynic. He knows that life can sometimes give you lemons, and one look at those mischievous will teach you that sometimes you don’t need to make lemonade to feel better. What you need is to squeeze lemon juice into the vulnerable eyes of your foes. Who’s laughing now, world? WHO’S LAUGHING NOW!?


A squishmallow of Togepi from "Pokemon "

Maybe you and Genera bring out the worst in one another. You focus on the negative. You become cynical together. Toxic. You’re great together, but you’re not good together. Maybe you need to see that there is more to the world than darkness and pain. There’s joy too. Perhaps, if you could see the world through a child’s eyes, that joy would return to your desiccated heart. Togepi could be that child. Look at the cherubic face. That tiny little egg body. So fragile, yet so full to bursting with love. That love? That love you pushed away? Maybe, just maybe, you’re worthy of it too.


A squishmallow of Piplup from "Pokemon"

Togepi is a baby. Babies are a lot of responsibility. Maybe you’re just not ready. What you need is a Piplup. Sweet and innocent, but a total killer. Don’t be fooled. Piplup is a starter Pokémon. You know what that means? His species is meant for a lifetime of combat under the brutal control of Pokémon trainers everywhere. But do you see Piplup complaining? No. He grits his beak and bears the blows. Piplup can teach you the meaning of strength. Fortitude. Piplup has the enduring will to carry on in the face of impossible Gym Battle odds. You could learn a thing or two.


A squishmallow of Clefairy from "Pokemon"

But maybe you don’t want a starter Pokémon owned by one third of Generation IV’s trainers. Maybe you want a rare Pokémon. Something majestic. Something unique. After all, you’re worth it. You know who else is worth it? Clefairy is a fairy Pokémon found dancing deep in the wilderness on moonlit nights. She is a sight that only few Pokémon trainers are lucky enough to behold. You could be one of the them. Maybe, just maybe she will wake you from bed and take you to that moonlight grotto to dance among her brethren. Wouldn’t that make you feel the most special of all?

Christmas Pikachu

A squishmallow of Pikachu from "Pokemon" with a Santa hat on

Oh Pikachu came crawling back, huh? And what’s this? He’s got a little Santa hat on? Even though he blew you off last Christmas to go on some press tour or whatever famous people do? Christmas Pikachu is lucky that he’s s adorable, ands he’s banking on that adorability for you to let him back into your life. Pretty privilege, that’s what it is. You know what? Maybe two can play at that game. Maybe it’s better that you two see each other only one day out of the year. Establish boundaries. Spend the other 364 days with your Pokémon squishmallows that would be there for you on a Monday morning in February too.

Winking Pikachu

A squishmallw of a winking Pikachu from "Pokemon"

Oh look this, Pikachu is really pulling out all the stops now. That’s just how toxic people are. You set once a year Christmas boundaries they try to charm their way back into your life. He’s back from Hollywood now. He wants to make this a “casual thing”. He’s down to be “cuddle buddies” but he doesn’t really wanna label your relationship. Are you gonna let Winking Pikachu walk all over you? Are you gonna let him and his flirty little his face make you give your SELF RESPECT? NO. I DON’T THINK SO. If you decide to buy wInking Pikachu, make sure it’s on your own terms. Not his.

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