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Twitter Users Have Shorter Relationships: Things We Learned From OkCupid’s Latest Blog Post

Lies Damned Lies

Have we mentioned how much we love OkCupid’s statistical posts on their blog? Have we mentioned that more than 20% of Jewish identified women on OkCupid claim they have never masturbated?

Here Are Some Other Things We Learned

Dating vegetarians.

A correlation:

Generally speaking, the more your parents are paying for your education, the more horny you are.

Learn to like exercise.

The significance of self-labeling:

“Remember, the women themselves select their body-descriptions; the bubbles show the size of each group. Though many of the words are just a shade of meaning apart, there are dramatic differences in the traits of the people who choose them…

It’s particularly interesting to isolate skinny—a deprecating way to say something generally considered positive (being thin)—and curvy—an empowering way to say something generally considered negative (being heavy)…

Curvy women pass skinny ones in self-confidence at age 29 and never look back. They also consistently have the highest sex drive among the groups. Curvy, as a word, has the strongest sensual overtones of all our self-descriptions. So we’re getting a little insight into the real-world implications of a label.”

The French

Context for this last graph, as well as seven more interesting statistical conclusions, can (and should!) be found at OkCupid’s Trend Blog.

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