Jared Leto as the Joker

No One Wants to See Jared Leto … in Anything Apparently

Must we?
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Jared Leto won an Oscar in 2014, and yet somehow, between rumors (subsequently denied by the actor) that he went method as Joker in Suicide Squad, sending fellow castmembers used condoms and making himself partially blind for a role in Blade Runner 2049, Leto’s reputation moved from one of artistic talent to “oh my god this guy is exhausting.

(Even Leto’s Oscar win is hugely frustrating and controversial, with many calling out the casting of a cis actor to play a trans woman in Dallas Buyers Club.)

This guy is apparently so method and so insufferable that he’s become quite a punchline … and also we’re a bit worried about what he might have done to get in character play a vampire in Morbius. But I digress. The internet is so over Jared Leto that today, when news broke that Disney had landed (a predictably white and make) director to guide Leto in Tron 3, his name immediately began trending with the simple question of … why? Why a sequel to a movie (Tron Legacy) that was truly terrible and why … this guy.

At least we know the soundtrack will be great?

And this isn’t the only big project that Leto has confirmed. Playing more into his, let’s be honest, pretentious narcissism, he’s also confirmed he will be playing Andy Warhol in a new movie. That sounds up his alley but also … ugh.

This Twitter user made a compelling point about Leto’s oeuvre overall:

Now, we’re not saying here that Jared Leti is a bad actor. I’m sure he’ll do great in Tron 3 as the human personification of “gif with a soft g” but … I’m still just already tired thinking about all of it.

(via Deadline, image: Warner Brothers)

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