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Might We Get Another Avengers Trailer Next Week?



If there’s one thing that I’ve noticed the Avengers trailers lack, it’s pretty much any concrete details on the plot of the movie. Of course, we know the basics: there are good guys, and a bad guy, and some aliens, and some explosions. But these are all things that we pretty much knew would happen. It’s The Avengers.

According to rumor, that trailer that actually lets us know what’s going to happen in Marvel’s surefire blockbuster might be close at hand.

According to ScreenRant, who say they trust sources at Ain’t It Cool News (hearsay of hearsay, I know) we’ll be seeing the trailer drop on the 29th, it’ll be full of plot elements, and, uh, have less of the Hulk in it. So that’s an odd detail.

We’ll see if it happens, and if it does, it might be a good indicator of AICN‘s other nebulously scooped scoop:

Word ’round the campfire is Marvel considers The Avengers to be their best outing yet. I’ve talked to some cynics in the group who weren’t sure it was going to come together and they’re all doing their mea culpas now. They say it has the heart, the action, the humor and the suspense a movie like The Avengers should have. The only criticisms I’ve heard is that [Joss] Whedon’s eye isn’t as cinematic as it should be, but that the rest of the movie is so good that you accept it.

A superhero team movie prioritizes heart, humor, and suspense? Heck, a superhero movie that prioritizes them? I’m in. As usual.

(AICN via Screen Rant.)

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