Lois Lane, Clark Kent, and Jimmy Olsen in My Adventures with Superman

The Cast of ‘My Adventures With Superman’ Know What Makes This Take on Clark Kent Special

My Adventures With Superman has brought an amazing new look into the world of Clark Kent. The animated series gives us a younger version of Clark (Jack Quaid) as he works at the Daily Planet with Lois Lane (Alice Lee) and Jimmy Olsen (Ishmel Sahid).

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Talking with the cast, my initial question was about wife guy Clark Kent and how much he loves this version of Lois Lane. Lee and Quaid both understand that dynamic but their relationship really just comes across in the writing. “We didn’t meet before we did it, so I’m really glad it turned out well. They did such a good job piecing it together,” Lee said about Lois and Clark’s relationship. “I think, for me, I just tried to be as honest as possible with the writing and just whatever she was feeling, all those moments, just try to keep that as genuine as possible. And I just think it was so sweet and Clark is so wholesome, like an ideal partner, you know? I think himbo is what everyone’s been saying and I just think him and Lois, it’s just a yin and a yang. They’re also quite opposite. I love their love story. It’s so cute”

For Quaid, it was important for him to get it right. “Of course that’s something that I wanted to get right,” he said. “It’s just an iconic romance. If you have Clark and Lois, you have to make sure you can nail that. The directors of this, Josie and Brendan and Jake, they’re so good at getting a performance out of you and they know what the other person did when they recorded or what they probably will do if you’re recording first. But it was very surreal to meet Alice. More than halfway through the process I ran into her as she was going into a recording. I was coming out of one and Ishmael and I didn’t even meet until after we were done recording. So, that’s the one real con of voiceover work because you don’t really get to work with people, but they just did such a good job putting it together and I just wanted to make sure Clark was there to support his girl, no matter what. He loves her, loves her to death. I love their relationship so much and finally getting to see it animated with the music and it was incredible. I get choked up watching them. I just think they’re adorable.”

For Jimmy, it’s about how he reacts to things

My favorite aspect of Jimmy Olsen in season 1 of the series was that he is monitoring this YouTube page and seeing how the numbers are doing. It is very much what I would expect out of Jimmy Olsen and so I asked Sahid about what in season 2 felt the most like a Jimmy thing to be obsessed with.

“Specifically the way he handles his newfound wealth, it’s definitely on brand to what Jimmy would do, spending it just on frivolous things and also spending it with on his friends because he wants to bring them into his newfound world,” Sahid said. “There’s some other surprises that Jimmy encounters that I won’t say, you’ll just have to stay tuned. But yeah, I’m very excited for what you guys are gonna see for season two.”

My Adventures With Superman is streaming on Max now!

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