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OMG The Magic: The Gathering: War of The Spark Trailer Is AMAZING


Magic: The Gathering is not playing any games when it comes to War of the Spark and this trailer is definitely signaling a powerful conclusion for a story so long in the making.

“We have a fight to finish.

Nicol Bolas controls Ravnica. With Liliana Vess under his devious contract, the dragon god’s army of Eternals run free and the guilds have descended into chaos. But Liliana is ready to take back control of her own destiny. Now only the combined power of the Planeswalkers stands between Bolas and the ultimate power he craves.

War of the Spark features 36 Planeswalker cards and a story experience unlike anything Magic fans have played before. The multiverse is at stake. Will you join the fight?”

I’m not gonna lie, just from the cover of Linkin Park’s “In the End” I got serious chills. Also since Liliana Vess is one of my favorite characters in the Magic universe, the fact that this trailer is focused on her is amazing.

For those not caught up in the mythos of MTG the dragon-god Planeswalker, Nicol Bolas is the big bad of the series. He is a huge assshole, but still pretty damn cool and refers to himself as, “the mind-ripper, the deathbringer, the winged dark that terrifies your dreams. The first to witness the sun rise on Dominaria, and the last to watch it set for the final time” which is a lot. Still, he has caused a lot of destruction and pain, so I guess well earned?

Right now, he has been working on taking over the plane of Ravnica which is where the most recent card sets have been taking place. He has taken control over the super powerful Planeswalker Liliana Vess who is able to control an army of the dead. Bolas has also been manipulating the remaining Gatewatch (Planeswalkers who have vowed to protect the Planes) to engage him on Ravnica and aren’t aware the Elder Dragon has been accounting for their interference. It’s a really exciting story and if you want more details TCG Player has a whole playlist about that storyline as well as many other aspects of the Magic universe.

All the details and more will be in the Magic: The Gathering: Ravnica: War of the Spark book by Greg Weisman and cover illustrator, Magali Villeneuve. It will be released alongside the release and there is a contest going on for a signed copy. I’m so excited about this story and what it means for these characters we have come to love. I’m also glad WoTC is continuing to do fresh things to keep the mythos going. It’s a fun time to be a Magic fan and I’m looking forward to hearing everyone’s thoughts.

The War of the Spark set will be on MTG Arena April 25th and prerelease April 27-28th.

Let us know what you think of the trailer below!

(image: Wizards of the Coast)

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