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Lol Like Thanos Could Beat Carol Danvers or Wanda in a Fair Fight

Brie Larson as Carol Danvers

**Spoilers for Marvel’s Avengers: Endgame.**

Sometimes, we make mistakes and this is that time for CBR. Sharing an article stating that Thanos is the strongest character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the comics news site kicked off a Twitter firestorm as fans came out of the woodwork to remind them that both Wanda Maximoff and Carol Danvers went head-to-head against Thanos and he struggled against both of them.

Sure, he wound up overcoming them long enough to almost perform another snap, but only with outside assistance, including the literal most powerful object in the universe. So, how exactly is Thanos stronger than Carol if he had to use the Power Stone to compete with her?

To be quite honest, it just shows the (a) sexism exhibited by fans of the series, and (b) that the author didn’t care about the battles against women that Thanos lost. Sure, fine, there was a lot happening in that movie and that final battle in particular, but it sure feels like a targeted attack against Carol Danvers to say that she isn’t the strongest when she clearly could have taken down Thanos had he not had an assist from the literal most powerful object in the universe.

If that makes him stronger, I’d be stronger than anyone in a hand-to-hand fight if I got to hit you over the head with a log. If we’re going to talk about who’s the strongest character, bringing additional aid into it makes the whole thing pointless, hence Steve Rogers and Tony Stark are not part of this conversation. Thanos was killed by Tony Stark wielding the Infinity Stones, so it’s kind of hard to see how he’s allowed to count them as part of his personal strength.

Besides that, Carol Danvers defeats Thanos not once but twice, so like check yourself, haters. Remember when she flew into his hut and held him in place for Thor to land the attack he should’ve in Infinity War? Because I sure do!

Thanos is far from the strongest character in the MCU, but also, the MCU is filled with exceptionally strong beings. They all play to their strengths, and really, to compare any of them is hard. Steve might not physically be the strongest, but he is the one with the biggest heart. Tony Stark may not have superpowers, but he uses his extreme intelligence to be the strongest leader.

Each character is strong and important, and Thanos is the weakest among them because of his selfishness and inability to feel compassion towards people. So …

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