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Let’s Check in on the Unending Twitter Feud Between J.K. Rowling and Piers Morgan



Over the weekend, you probably heard that J.K. Rowling and fierce competitor for Twitter’s nonexistent Biggest Blowhard Narcissist Award Piers Morgan got into a pretty spectacular feud online. It started when comedian Jim Jeffries told Morgan to “fuck off” on Real Time With Bill Maher after Morgan denied the existence of a Muslim ban, and the internet–Rowling included–let out a collective round of applause.

The two went back and forth for a while, with Morgan’s best insult being that Rowling writes books for children and therefore isn’t worth being taken seriously, while Rowling did that thing she does so well: effortless evisceration.

But you didn’t really think that would be the end of this battle, did you? Did you think either of these two could just back away quietly?

Nope, they’re still at it.

First, this bookstore decided Morgan should read the Harry Potter books (which he keeps saying he hasn’t, despite constantly quoting from them), so they’ve been reading them to him, one tweet at a time.

That started on Saturday. As of writing this, they’re 545 tweets in.

And yes, it is a real person tweeting, with an undeniably valid reason for doing so.

Things took a really fantastic turn when Piers’ son, Spencer Morgan peeked in to the argument.

Yes, Morgan’s son is a Harry Potter fan. A big one. Deathly Hallows tattoo levels of fandom.

The best tweet of all, though, came in the form of this Valentine’s gift from Rowling, to all of us.

Morgan responded with a weak attempt at a takedown, of course.

The thing is that that “humblebrag” is actually a beautiful, perfect, shade-filled subtweet.

Because the writer who penned that praise of Rowling is Piers Morgan himself, from a 2010 Daily Mail list titled “The 100 British Celebrities Who Really Matter.”

Morgan, of course, said he got the joke, but the internet doesn’t really seem to be buying it.

A reminder to the entitled internet jerks: don’t take on J.K. Rowling. You will not win.



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