Cookware from Pokémon's Le Creuset collab on a red, white, and yellow background
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Pokémon’s Newest Collab Is for Grown-Ups

Finally, a collab that won’t make you feel guilty or weird for being a geeky adult: Pokémon has teamed up with Le Creuset for a line of cookware—yes, cookware—that even your mom would appreciate.

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You may have heard of Le Creuset, the French-Belgian company that specializes in colorful, high-end ceramic and cast iron cookware, bakeware, and accessories. You’ve almost definitely seen one of Le Creuset’s iconic cast iron pots in a department store or your mom’s kitchen. Other brands may offer affordable, high-quality dupes, but those brands also don’t have Pokémon-themed cookware.

Le Creuset’s Pokémon Collection will be released in two drops, starting in July. The first drop includes Le Creuset’s famous cast iron cocottes in multiple designs, including a yellow one with Pikachu’s signature lightning-bolt tail printed on the side. There’s also a tea kettle, colorful stacking mugs and plates featuring the classic starter Pokémon along with Pikachu and Snorlax, and serving dishes that resemble Pokéballs. Prices range from ¥11,000 (about $70 USD) for the serving dishes to ¥39,600 (about $250 USD) for the yellow cocotte and ¥47,300 (about $300 USD) for the large black pot.

Promo for Pokémon's Le Creuset collab featuring various cookware and bakeware
(Le Creuset / Pokémon)

As of now, the Pokémon x Le Creuset collab will only be available in Japan, South Africa, and other regions in Asia and Oceania. Pre-orders can be placed at local Le Creuset stores and online at the official store between July 5 and July 10. The first drop will be released on July 17, with the second drop planned for November.

Unfortunately, Pokémon hasn’t announced whether the collab will eventually be sold in North America, but if you have friends or family in the above regions, now might be a good time to reach out and say hello.

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