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Want to See What Book 2 of Legend of Korra Will Look Like?

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  1. Korra Korra All four members of the Krew are getting small makovers and costume tweaks, seemingly for a season set at least partially in colder climes.
  2. Mako Mako
  3. Bolin Bolin
  4. Asami Asami (Asami has actually been shown in one other incredibly badass outfit... but you'll have to watch our Tumblr feed for it.)
  5. Senna, Korra's Mom Senna, Korra's Mom We're also apparently going to see more of Korra's family this season, including her mom, dad...
  6. Korra's Northern Water Tribe Cousins Korra's Northern Water Tribe Cousins an uncle who hails from the Northern Water Tribe, and his twins, one girl...
  7. Korra's Northern Water Tribe Cousins Korra's Northern Water Tribe Cousins and one boy.
  8. Bumi Bumi We're also going to see more of Aang and Katara's kids. While their youngest, Tenzin, was a major character of Book 1, their middle son Bumi has managed to become a fan favorite with about two seconds of screen time and a pair of pink earmuffs.
  9. Kya Kya And yes, we'll get to meet Aang and Katara's oldest, Kya, with her great-grandmother's necklace, and her mother's affinity for healing.
  10. That's Certainly Some Odd Vegetation That's Certainly Some Odd Vegetation But it's not just new people in this season, but new locations, and between this picture and the next...
  11. Spirit Guy Spirit Guy ...there should be no doubt that we'll be visiting the Spirit Realm.
  12. Ice Cave Ice Cave According to the creators, we'll see Korra delving into the origins of the Avatar cycle itself.

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