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J.J. Abrams Has Promised Us Sexiness in Star Trek Into Darkness

Make It So

And not just the sexiness inherent in having a really, really, ridiculously good-looking cast. No. The term “various moments of … undress” was stated.

But first he had some things to say about the sexiness of Trek as a franchise. Bow-chicka-bow-wow.

Said Abrams (to Playboy, appropriately enough):

Star Trek has to be sexy. That’s in keeping with the original spirit of the series. In the 1960s they were limited because of the time, but so much was insinuated. Part of the fun of our first movie was playing with the idea that Uhura and Spock were a couple. This movie takes that further and asks how that’s possible. Why would she be interested in that kind of guy, and why would she put up with him? It’s obvious what he would like about her. I mean, it’s fucking Zoe Saldana.

…by which you mean Uhura, played by Saldana, is intelligent and tough and just generally awesome in addition to being gorgeous, right? I’ll let you slide with a warning on this one, Abrams. We’ve all said stupid things.

The director went on to highlight Kirk’s status as a “player,” saying “it’s always fun playing the womanizing card with Kirk and seeing him in bed with girls who might not be completely human—you know, green skin or whatever. Nobody’s going to force Kirk to be romantic and settle down. That would feel forced and silly.”

Several thousand fanfics beg to differ! But no, Abrams’ point is fair.

And then the part that really caught my eye, where he spoke about Star Trek Into Darkness directly:

We also have Alice Eve joining us; she’s an incredibly wonderful, versatile actress and definitely in the sexy category. She’s a great complement to Uhura. Hey, it wouldn’t be Star Trek if there weren’t some hot young actors, women and men, in various moments of either undress or flirtation.

You might remember that Eve shows up in her underoos in one of the trailers. I would like to take this opportunity to say that I expect a dude (or more than one dude, I won’t complain) in a similar state of undress, Abrams. To his credit, the first Star Trek reboot was pretty equitable when it came to eye-candy. It wouldn’t be cool if it were just the ladies (or one lady) showing skin in this one. Don’t wimp out on me here.

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