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Is There a ‘Mina the Hollower’ Release Date?

What is Mina the Hollower? She sounds like a person I don’t want to meet, like she’d hollow out my body and put all my insides on the outside. Yikes. And she’s getting her own game? I’m scared.

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What is Mina The Hollower about?

It seems my fears were unfounded! Mina the Hollower isn’t a serial killer lady, but an adorable little mouse! Hollower is a job title! It seems that they are subterranean explorers! What’s Mina’s job this time? Save a cursed island! How? By digging! Past monsters! Into secret rooms full of gear and treasure! All in beautiful 8-bit visuals! It’s giving old school Zelda meets Castlevania meets Rescuers Down Under!

According to the official game description, Mina the Hollower is inspired by Gothic Horror. After all, rodents are a staple of the genre, though they’re usually less adorable than Mina. They also lack cool whips like Mina’s Nightstar, and they generally aren’t packing heat. Mina has a plethora of sidearms to choose from. Oh, and trinkets! Little power up items that grant all sorts of neat buffs! Mina may not look it, but she’s as fully equipped as a Dark Souls character, and just as intrepid.

So is there a release date?

There’s no release date yet. According to the official Steam page, the most information that we’re gonna get is a big ol’ “Coming Soon.” It’s understandable. Yacht Club Games are a small operation. Hell, they just finished crowdfunding this game. Who are Yacht Club? Why, the creators of Shovel Knight! That’s who!

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