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“How Thor: Ragnarok Should Have Ended” Tackles the Loki Problem


The funny folks at How It Should Have Ended finally took a crack at Thor: Ragnarok. Most of the best jokes here concern Loki, so all is right with the world.

Many of us loved Ragnaroks Loki characterization, which saw him mostly redeemed from villain status: he fights alongside Thor, only betrays him somewhat, and ends up as the savior of Asgard (sort of. Well, at least, like, a ship of Asgardians). The real Ragnarok ends with the brothers side-by-side, staring out into space and wondering what’s going to happen next (spoiler alert: Thanos).

But How It Should Have Ended has a lot of fun at Loki’s expense, considering his complicated history.

In fact, one of How It Should Have Ended‘s alternate endings here is probably a bit more realistic for the Loki that we’ve come to know.

Loki zooms off in the spaceship rather than release Surtur to fight Hela: “Sorry, brother! But you know I can’t be trusted!” I mean, he’s not wrong.

Then a finely-executed joke about Loki’s parentage:

And Loki goes to regale some close friends with the story of how that all ended.

There are some other hilarious diversions and plot hole fixes here, and then we see Thor and Loki hanging out with How It Should Have Ended‘s staple of Superman and Batman in a diner.

Superman and Batman do not seem as confident as Thor that Loki is “a good guy now.”

Superman: Can I just turn back time and make things go back to normal?

Thor: What do you mean? Everything is back to normal. Brother and I are together again, I have my hammer, I have my hair. I don’t have a girlfriend currently, but that’s not even a problem for me. Everything is back to normal.

Loki gets in the best burn of them all, which is fitting:

My dear Batman, do you think I’m going to get people’s hopes up, and then ultimately let them down when the time comes? What do I look like, the Justice League?

Ouch. But also delicious.

As always, this How It Should Have Ended was a delight to watch, all the more so if you’re still not over Ragnarok, like me. Time for some Immigrant Song.

(via How It Should Have Ended, images: screengrabs)

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