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Henry Cavill Will Not Reprise His Role as Superman in Shazam 2



After multiple rumors hinting that Henry Cavill would reappear as Superman in the upcoming DC Film Shazam! Fury of the Gods, Variety is confirming that is not the case.

The site is saying that two sources with direct knowledge of the production and the actor’s schedule have confirmed this information. Throwing something extra into the fire is David Sandberg, the director, delivering a classic non-answer answer.

Well it is never over until the final cut, but this non-cameo does make sense at the moment.

Right now, considering everything going on with the pandemic and Cavill working on The Witcher franchise for Netflix, he simply might be too busy at the moment. Plus, with sets needing to quarantine actors, it would be difficult for him to safely go back and forth between two big projects like this. Maybe in the pre-COVID world, but this ain’t it.

The rumors really started to take off when it was confirmed, by Variety, that Cavill was set to take part in a cameo as Superman that wasn’t connected to the Snyder Cut. Cavill has spoken multiple times about his desire to really get back into the role and bring more Son of Krypton stories to life.

Shazam is one of my favorite films in the DCEU canon and I am looking forward to what a sequel will bring. All the found family elements, mythology, and just good comic book film sensibilities. I thought that Zachary Levi did a fantastic job bringing to life the wonder of a pre-teen orphaned boy who gets to be a superhero.

Cavill still has a lot of potential to be a good to great Superman. I think Crisis allowed us to see that even the weakest of Superman films is not solely on the shoulders on the stars. Brandon Routh got the chance to revive his version of the Man of Steel and did so to critical acclaim from fans. I think Cavill can do the same he just needs the right story.

As for the fury of the Gods, we won’t know what that means until much later since the film is slated for release June 2, 2023.


(via Variety, image: Warner Bros.)

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