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This Fan-Made Harry Potter Tarot Deck Is Magical

This is just like magic!


I’m not a tarot user but I find the art on many decks to be incredibly beautiful. A few years ago, Dark Horse was going to produce a Buffy the Vampire Slayer deck but it fell through. These fan-made Harry Potter tarot will never be sold in stores due to copyright issues but artist Laura Freeman, nasubionna on DeviantArt, did some really great work on them. Hit the jump to see more, plus her justifications for who she chose for which card. 

There are some spoilers for the Harry Potter series going forward, if for some reason you haven’t finished them yet. For The Lovers card above Freeman writes, “This card represents the obvious interpretation of romantic relationships, intimate union, desire and physical attraction. It also represents all relationships and connections, and also finding out what is important to you, what you value, and making a moral or ethical choice. It can also mean struggling with temptation and making the right choice, which Harry struggles with when his relationship with Ginny first begins and he must make the tough decision to stop seeing her for her own protection… an act of love. Fortunately, this turns out to only need to be a temporary hiatus, for eventually these two teenage sweethearts end up married and starting a family of their own.”

She changed the names on the actual cards for a few of them but the usual names are in the descriptions.

“The sun is is the card of outstanding knowledge, insight and vitality. This card exudes an understanding and enlightenment above others, is confident and in good health. This card could be thought of as shining brilliantly, and as one recognized as great. While Albus Dumbledore is indeed an imperfect human, he is truly a great wizard full of power, genius and understanding of what is going on beyond any other wizard of the times. Though very old, he exudes joy and vitality until until nearly the very end. For most of his Hogwarts years Harry can turn to Dumbledore to depend on and believe in him – a shining ray of truth, knowledge and greatness.”

“The Chariot is the card of masterful control, a strong will towards achieving victory or a goal. It is a card of having confidence in your abilities and winning by applying disciplined effort. Ron is the best chess player we’ve been introduced to in the series, and uses those skills unique to him to win the enchanted chess game guarding the Sorcerer’s Stone. He takes control of this situation and moves forward with grim determination and does what it takes to emerge victorious.”

“The Wheel of Fortune, the card representing the Fates and a higher plain that connects us all. Luck, twists in fortune, serendipity and destiny. The Sorting Hat sees from a broader perspective as well as intimately into your mind to see where you belong and where you will make an impact, all while giving one the feeling of being subject absolutely to the whims of fate.”

“This is the card of mothers. Everything nurturing, caring, healthy, natural, pleasurable, abundant and maternal is represented by this card. It is earthy and warm, full of generosity and love and representing birth and creation. Molly is the quintessential mother, nurturing and protecting not only her children but Harry as well. She represents every desirable aspect of having a mother that Harry never got to experience.”

“The Hermit is the card of solitude, introspection, and learning by oneself. It can represent a wise teacher usually seen alone. Taking time to think, analyze and understand, all by oneself. Who better to represent this than Remus, who keeps to himself both because of his lycanthropy and by choice. He spends the entire year at Hogwarts examining himself and his choices alone, occasionally offering assistance and wisdom to Harry. This card uses a drawing of Lupin that is quite old, but is still one of my favorites I’ve done.”

“The Hierophant. This is the card of education, rules, following a discipline, conforming to a belief or group system, and also taking part in a cause or establishment. Hermione, of course, is one of the greatest students Hogwarts has ever seen. She tirelessly seeks to increase her knowledge, and share it with others. Hermione also shows a reluctance to break the rules, or defy the orthodox ‘system’, but will do so (and even enthusiastically so) when it is to further a cause she believes is right. Hermione has a highly-developed sense of social justice, devoting great energy to S.P.E.W., and is a natural leader and organizer of Dumbledore’s Army. And of course, she is a prefect, and I expect she would have been made Head Girl eventually, if the war didn’t get in the way.”

“The King/Head of Gryffindor/Wands: Self-confident, bold and forceful, this card represents a natural leader. This person usually dominates a situation, is charismatic and authoritative. Never content to sit by, this card represents someone who is always doing something, creating, innovating and is always sure of their convictions. Minerva McGonagall, head of Gryffindor house and professor of the tricky subject of Transfiguration. She commands respect effortlessly and is simply indomitable. She takes the risk of following Albus Dumbledore through controversy without care of what others may think, and is the first to act when Hagrid is being wrongfully attacked by a whole group of Aurors.”

(via nasubionna on DeviantArt)

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