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Happy 10th Birthday, “All Your Base” Video

On February 16th, 2001, human culture was forever changed when the “All Your Base Are Belong To Us” music video was uploaded to Newgrounds.com. (Person from 2001: “YouTube? What’s that?”) Of course, Zero Wing, the remarkably badly translated Japanese space shooter game from which the video dialogue is yoinked, was made in 1989, and even in 2000, forumers thought the All Your Base thing was old. But the Newgrounds video was enough to make it cross over from geeky shibboleth to one of the first true viral hits. (A week after the video surfaced, Wired wrote about the All Your Base phenomenon.)

So thank you, Zero Wing, Newgrounds, and uploader BadCRC; you have set up us the bomb in our hearts.

(KYM via TDW)

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