We Finally Have An Actual Godzilla Teaser Trailer, For Real This Time

But why don't they just fight him with giant robots?
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We’re guessing that you, like us, saw the bootlegged proof of concept trailer for Godzilla that featured a voiceover taken from Robert Oppenheimer’s famous Bhagavad Gita-quoting speech. This new trailer doesn’t quite become death, destroyer of worlds for us like that one did, but it was definitely worth the long wait nonetheless.

Seriously, though, this trailer is stupendous. It’s worth watching for the sound design alone, let alone the awesome visual parallels between a bunch of guys parachuting into a city and — well, bombing a city, which is what it starts to look like about a minute in. Definitely miles away from the 1999 Matthew Broderick vehicle, for sure.

(via Legendary and Warnor Brothers on Youtube)

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