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‘Goblin Slayer’ Season 2 Is Coming, But I’m Still in Therapy From Season 1

The cast of 'Goblin Slayer'

Goblin Slayer is messed up.

It starts off in a cute little fantasyland like every self-respecting isekai anime does. The world is populated by baby-faced adventurers looking for plunder without any sort of horrifying monsters in sight! In the first episode, a group of teens travel into a cave in order to rescue some people from goblins. It’ll be a cinch! After all, only goblins live in that cave. Everyone knows that goblins are totally level 1 enemies, right? Hell, an NPC could probably hold their own against a couple of them, right? Those kids have absolutely nothing to worry about, right?


It turns out, the goblins in Goblin Slayer are cunning little hell beasts bent on murder and … sexual assault. Yes, most of the young adventurers are massacred down in the dark, and one poor girl is almost assaulted by the goblins before being saved by the titular Goblin Slayer. After doing what he does best, the Goblin Slayer journeys deeper into the cave and finds goblin children. Literal babies. And what does he do? He slays them, too. This series is darker than it has any right to be; a genuinely disturbing watch. As with most disturbing shows, people always want more.

Careful what you wish for: Goblin Slayer season 2 is coming.

Tell me what Goblin Slayer is about so I can emotionally prepare

The first season of Goblin Slayer covered the manga’s story up to Volume 4, and the 2019 Goblin Slayer film covered Volume 5. Season 2 is expected to pick up at Volume 6 and conclude with the events of Volume 10. So, what happens? The Goblin Slayer’s group does more of what it does best by taking on goblin-slaying jobs. They team up with a young wizard to slay goblins at a mausoleum. They slay goblins while escorting the Sword Maiden to the capitol. Hell, they even have to slay some goblins while they guard a vineyard. Every once in a while, the Goblin Slayer himself has to depart the group, leaving the young Priestess in charge. Warning: character growth incoming.

When does Goblin Slayer season 2 come out? And is there a trailer?

According to the Goblin Slayer Twitter, the second season of the anime will come out in 2023 with Liden Films taking over animation from White Fox. From what I can tell, they’re doing a damn good job with the animation. I expect to be even more deeply disturbed when the credits roll.

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