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Every Pokémon Ash Owns, Listed

He hasn't caught 'em all—but Ash still has quite a few Pokémon partners.

Ash Ketchum and his Pikachu.

The Pokémon anime has been around for a very long time – almost 30 years at this point. Its titular protagonist, Ash, has amassed quite a few Pokémon to travel with and call his partners. But exactly how many does this seasoned Trainer actually have at the moment? Ash currently owns a whopping total of 77 Pokémon (yes, that includes the 30 Tauros he caught in Kanto’s Safari Zone) – and every single one of those Pokémon is covered here. Here’s every partner that Ash currently owns and has bonded with over the long years of him journeying across the land (don’t expect to see Greninja, Pidgeot, and Goodra here – as they’ve all been released).


Ash's Pikachu

It wouldn’t be Pokémon without Ash’s Pikachu, the de facto mascot of the Pokemon franchise, being by his side. Of all the Pokémon Ash has captured, Pikachu is the one that has stayed with him in every region—from Kanto to Galar and all the way back. These two have gone through so much together that it’d be impossible to document all of their adventures here. Between nearly evolving twice, attempting to leave Ash several times, and almost getting released, it’s clear Ash has a long history and strong bond with Pikachu—all because he slept in the day he started his journey.


Ash's Bulbasaur

Although this spry little Grass-type never evolved, Ash’s Bulbasaur has been a staple of the series alongside his Charmander and Squirtle. Ash first met this Pokémon in the Hidden Village, where it rushed to a wild Oddish’s aid and later saved it, again, from Team Rocket. Bulbasaur chose Ash as its partner and proved to be one of his best Gym Pokémon despite never having evolved. With powerful moves at its disposal like Solar Beam and Dig, Bulbasaur has been a great asset to Ash in his journeys.


Ash's Charizard

Ash’s Charizard is by far one of his most iconic and well-known Pokémon. Thanks to its disobedience after evolving and a powerful array of moves, Charizard also has one of the rockiest paths in the series. This was especially apparent when Ash made the jump from Kanto to Johto, where Charizard’s speed and power made many of the earliest battles almost unfair. Charizard’s signature move, Seismic Toss, won several battles in the Orange Islands. It also fought and won against several Legendary Pokemon such as Entei and Articuno. Charizard’s long history lets it more than live up to its iconic reputation.


Ash's Squirtle

This little troublemaker has been traveling with the Squirtle Squad since the end of Ash’s journeys in the Kanto region. Originally a delinquent, Ash’s Squirtle led a group known as the Squirtle Squad. Made up of Squirtles that had been abandoned by their trainers, the Squirtle Squad once ran around freely, causing mischief wherever they went. When Ash later earned the trust of the Squirtle Squad after Team Rocket betrayed them, Squirtle joined Ash’s team and helped him in several Gym battles across the Orange Islands. Squirtle later returned to the Squirtle Squad to receive training as a firefighter and has occasionally returned to help Ash.


Ash's Primeape

When Ash learned that Gary had already caught 30 Pokemon, he sought out more Pokemon to add to his collection. However, Ash soon discovered that this would be much easier said than done. Ash tried throwing a Poké Ball at a friendly wild Mankey, but when the ball failed, Mankey beat up Ash and company and stole his hat. It later evolved into Primeape and sent Team Rocket blasting off. Despite its aggression and overall irritability, Ash was able to use Primeape to win the P1 Grand Prix—a tournament with only Fighting-type Pokemon. A Trainer named Anthony offered to train Primeape to be a real P1 champion, after which Ash gave Primeape to Anthony. Primeape has not been seen since.


Ash's Kingler

This is a Pokémon Ash owns that not everyone may remember. Ash first found this Pokémon as a Krabby on the beach after fighting it with a stick. He later managed to successfully catch the Pokemon and keep it at Professor Oak’s lab alongside Gary’s much larger Krabby. Though he hasn’t used it in every battle, this Pokémon later evolved into a Kingler and was used for several different battles across both the Kanto journey and the Orange Islands.

30 Tauros

Ash's Tauros

Yes, you read that right—30 Tauros. These Pokémon were captured during the infamous banned Safari Zone episode, where the presence of firearms forced the episode to be banned outside Japan. Ash was trying to catch as many Pokémon as he could in the Safari Zone during this banned episode but only caught Tauros instead, due to them running in front of his Safari Balls. Although it was never mentioned that Ash caught 30 of them outside of Japan, he still used Tauros throughout the series, both as a stand-in during the Indigo League and in several other battles, as well.

Mimey (Mr. Mime)

Ash's Mr Mime

This Pokémon technically is still owned by Ash, but his mother Delia has adopted the Pokémon and taken it many places with her, affectionately nicknaming it “Mimey.” Ash originally caught Mr. Mime after a convoluted plan to help it by dressing as a Mr. Mime had failed. When Mr. Mime came to Delia’s door, she welcomed it and gave it food. The two later teamed up to stop Team Rocket, and since then, it has been living with Delia. Mimey has not seen many battles and is mostly relegated to helping Delia with chores and going places with her, enjoying helping her. Despite Ash’s jealousy that Delia is more affectionate with Mimey than with him, he is still glad she has it around, as while he’s out journeying, she will never be lonely.


Ash's Muk

A somewhat unexpected partner for Ash, Muk was captured during a city cleanup. The leader of a troupe of Grimer, Muk was polluting a city until Ash and company started getting rid of the Grimer. Muk challenged Ash, but he managed to defeat it with the help of a wild Magnemite. Ash later captured it, sending it to the lab due to the horrid stench seeping through its ball. Though Muk is known to be a foul and cranky Pokémon, Ash’s Muk is very affectionate and gentle. Its most defining trait is that it enjoys smothering humans in messy hugs—including its owner, Ash.


Ash's Snorlax

On the Orange Islands, Ash and company encountered a Snorlax that was eating everything in sight. When locals became concerned it would eat everything, Ash teamed up with Team Rocket to take down the Pokémon, which resulted in him catching it for his team. Although this Pokémon is mostly concerned with eating lots of food (as is second nature for Snorlax), it is a powerful battler that Ash has typically used for League matches across Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh.


Ash's Heracross

This Pokémon is most well-known for enjoying the nectar from a Bulbasaur’s bulb, but like many of Ash’s early Johto Pokémon, Heracross is also a capable battler. Originally captured following a territory dispute in the forest, Ash’s Heracross was also mostly relegated to League battles, in which it made use of Sleep Talk, Focus Punch, and Megahorn to put a serious dent in many opponents, including a Darkrai.


Ash's Bayleef

This Pokémon is best known for its … habit of crushing on Ash? I suppose we’d better Bayleef it. As a Chikorita, it was originally stubborn and defiant against Ash’s wishes, but as it later evolved into Bayleef, the Pokémon grew increasingly affectionate towards Ash, often trying to leap into his arms despite its size. Ash has not included Bayleef on his team beyond the League battles in the Johto region, but like all of Ash’s Pokémon, it still managed to reunite with him at times.


Ash's Quilava

The second of the Johto starters, Ash captured Cyndaquil in a forest before hitting the Azalea Town Gym. Cyndaquil, though slow at first, was very powerful in battle due to its Flamethrower, and although Ash had every intention of catching a Cyndaquil anyway, the Pokémon joined his team because Ash had caught it in an effort to protect it from an exploding mech. Cyndaquil repaid this kindness by helping Ash win more than half his Gym Badges in Johto, but did not evolve into Quilava until Ash’s adventures in the Sinnoh region. Though initially weak and somewhat babyish, Cyndaquil played a huge role in Ash’s Johto journey.


Ash's Totodile

This energetic Water-type starter did not get as much of the limelight in Ash’s Johto Gym battles but was still a huge part of the journey nonetheless. When Ash and Misty both managed to catch Totodile in their Lure Balls simultaneously, they battled to see who would get to keep the energetic Pokémon, with Ash’s Bulbasaur coming out on top. Totodile is playful, energetic, and happy, as it loves to dance whenever it battles. Using this trait, Totodile managed to defeat a Sneasel by dancing with it and walloping it in the process.

Shiny Noctowl

Ash's Noctowl

The first and only Shiny Pokémon caught by a protagonist in the Pokémon anime, Ash’s Noctowl is by far one of his most intelligent battlers. Despite its small size and unusual coloring, Noctowl’s intelligence often helps it win the day. It is also shown to be kind rather than mischievous. Despite using its Hypnosis to continually outwit the man trying to trap it, it later used that same Hypnosis to aid an injured Pidgey, having developed a soft spot for it. Noctowl even proved to be the key to winning against Morty. By using Confusion on the entire building, it exposed Morty’s Gengar to attacks and finished it off. This smart play helped Ash win his next Gym Badge.


Ash's Donphan

Originally hatched from an egg, Donphan is the first of many Pokémon Ash received from eggs. Ash typically did not use Phanpy for battles, as it was very immature and often weak, losing to opponents very easily. When Ash reunited with Phanpy at the Battle Frontier, though, it later evolved into Donphan and proved to be a very capable fighter. Ash used it to battle Team Rocket in a double battle, as well, where Donphan showed good chemistry when fighting alongside Brock’s Steelix. However, since Ash started his Sinnoh journey, Donphan has not returned to his party.


Ash's Swellow

Ash’s first catch in the Hoenn region was a feisty Taillow that Ash managed to defeat in a battle. However, Taillow refused to give in and kept fighting despite its injuries. Ash ended up catching Taillow so it wouldn’t continue to hurt itself, but its determination proved to remain a powerful trait. The bird Pokémon evolved during the Crossgate PokéRinger tournament when its fierce determination allowed it to finally overpower Jessie’s Dustox and win the tournament for Ash. Swellow later fought against Winona’s Shiny Swellow, and despite the Shiny Swellow’s more powerful moves, Ash’s Swellow ultimately won. The Pokemon’s sheer determination and willpower are still its most prevalent traits, as those also allowed it to catch a rolling Donphan and take on an entire pack of mechanical Spearow.


Ash's Sceptile

A calm and serious Pokémon, Sceptile is the modern powerhouse of Ash’s team, alongside Charizard. This aloof and prideful Pokémon takes battling and life very seriously, often resulting in setbacks that feel more personal to it rather than feuding with Ash. A good example is when Sceptile evolved from Grovyle to save a Meganium it had been crushing on, but lost the ability to use its moves when Meganium instead fell for a Tropius. It later overcame this setback and continued to use its powerful moves to aid Ash in battle. Sceptile’s most notable trait is its habit of keeping a twig in its mouth at all times.


Ash's Corphish

Ash’s Corphish originally attacked him and his friends when they camped along Dewford Beach, which resulted in a battle with Treecko and the Corphish’s eventual capture. Corphish had a rough start on Ash’s team, where it struggled to make friends and later fell ill after eating seaweed. However, Corphish ended up becoming a very capable fighter, as it was able to go toe to toe with a Swampert in the Victory Tournament. Having much greater control over its pincers and moves aided Corphish in this regard, and it continued to prove itself when it later teamed up with Swellow in the Kanto Battle Frontier to fight a Swampert and Arcanine.


Ash's Torkoal

Ash first met this fiery tortoise Pokémon when it was being attacked by Steel-type Pokémon and their leader, a Steelix. When he commanded the Pokémon to use Overheat, Steelix issued its respect to Torkoal, and Torkoal in turn joined Ash’s team. Despite its slow speed, Torkoal’s Flamethrower managed to put a dent in many of Ash’s opponents and helped him advance in his battles, especially during the Ever Grande Conference. An emotional Pokémon, Torkoal is usually identified by its bizarre habit of crying and releasing smoke from its shell and nostrils.


Ash's Glalie

A mischievous sort, Ash’s Snorunt began causing trouble from its first appearance, where it stole Ash’s badge case and later began freezing everyone and everything with its ice-type attacks. Even when it later gained control over these attacks and evolved into Glalie, it continued to freeze Ash, out of simply being a little joker and wanting to cause trouble. Despite its playfulness, though, Ash’s Glalie played a huge role in his Ever Grande Conference battles, where it defeated a Charizard and a Misdreavus to help Ash advance in the tournament.


Ash's Staraptor

Though most of its role in Ash’s team was identical to that of Swellow, Ash’s Staraptor is also a very capable battler that helped him throughout his time in Sinnoh. Being the first Sinnoh Pokémon that Ash caught, Starly was initially relegated to lookout roles. It did not participate in Ash’s first Gym Challenge against Roark, much to its dismay. However, the Pokemon later learned Brave Bird and evolved into Staraptor to win the Squallville PokeRinger competition, proving that the predator Pokemon’s speed and power were able to win the day at any moment. This later proved true again when Ash used Staraptor to knock out a Roserade in one hit.


Ash's Torterra

Ash’s two Sinnoh starters both became powerhouses in their own right, but Torterra often gets left out of the spotlight, especially thanks to its late evolution. Spending most of the Sinnoh journey as Grotle, Ash’s Torterra finally evolved close to when he left for Unova and became a prolific battler in its matches against Bertha, Volkner, and later, Paul. Although brave and headstrong initially, Torterra became calmer as it grew and usually had no problem listening to Ash’s commands.


Ash's Infernape

Aside from Charizard, this feisty Fire-type is one of Ash’s most iconic Pokémon. Originally a Chimchar that Ash’s then-rival Paul abandoned out of him being “too weak,” Ash took in Chimchar and worked hard to keep the Pokémon under control as it grew and evolved. Despite Infernape’s constant struggles with itself, its powers, and its rival, Paul’s Electivire, Ash’s Infernape was finally given the spotlight it worked hard to earn when it overcame Electivire during the Lily of the Valley Conference.


Ash's Infernape

This Pokémon was originally captured by Dawn, but when Ash’s Aipom showed more interest in contests and Buizel showed an interest in Gym battles, the two traded Pokémon with one another. Though Buizel was originally stubborn, headstrong, and somewhat aloof, its true personality started to show after being traded to Ash. As a result of being given a chance to shine in Gym battles, Buizel mellowed out and became more compliant.


Ash's Gliscor

Alongside Infernape, Ash’s Gliscor, originally a Gligar, also had confidence issues—though these were no fault of the trainer. Gligar was desperate to evolve because it believed it would be a better battler, but Ash wanted to wait until it was ready. When Ash started falling from a Team Rocket balloon, though, Gligar finally got its chance to evolve and save its Trainer in the process. Despite its evolution and maturity, though, Gliscor is still just as big a goofball as ever—and devoted to impressing Ash through battles.


Ash's Gible

This little troublemaker is a powerful battler thanks to Draco Meteor and Rock Smash, but it’s also one of Ash’s more clumsy Pokémon. Similar to a puppy, Gible destroyed lots of things using only its teeth in its debut, including Barry’s bike, Team Rocket’s machinery, and an entire park. Thankfully, Ash’s training and using Gible in battle has helped it learn new moves like Dragon Pulse as well, helping it get a little better at using its moves. However, it has still managed to flub Draco Meteor in practice more than once—earning it the ire of Dawn’s Piplup.


Ash's Unfeazant

Continuing the trend of Ash capturing Flying-type Pokémon, Ash caught himself a Pidove as his first new partner in Unova. Pidove managed to help Ash in his efforts to catch Snivy, aid Trip in helping get Venipede out of Castelia City, and evolve during a Gym Battle with Skyla. When Charizard later returned in Unova, though, Unfeazant returned to Oak’s Lab to race with Staraptor and Swellow.


Ash's Oshawott

Received as a gift from Professor Juniper, Oshawott, alongside Ash’s Snivy, has a little more personality than most of his partners. Prideful, headstrong, and naïve, Oshawott formed an interesting and humorous personality as it traveled alongside Ash. Some of its most notable moments come in the form of its rivalries with Dawn’s Piplup and Ash’s Pignite. Oshawott also possesses a flirty side, as it has tried to win over several Pokémon including Emolga, Purrloin, and even the Mythical Pokémon Meloetta.


Ash's Pignite

Similar to Infernape and Charizard, Ash’s Pignite also has a hard beginning. After being tied to a post and abandoned by his former trainer Shamus, Tepig was hungry, weak, and skinny. When Ash saw Tepig on security footage and mistook it for an Umbreon, he sought out the Pokémon and discovered Tepig, giving him food and removing his rope. This act of kindness convinced Tepig to join Ash’s team, and the two bonded fast. Thankfully, Tepig later got a well-deserved victory against his former trainer by evolving into a Pignite and defeating Shamus’s Emboar and Heatmor.


Ash's Snivy

Alongside Oshawott, this sass master proved to be another Pokémon with a lot of personality. Its most prolific habit was using its Vine Whip to smack sense into other people and Pokemon. Ash’s Snivy was also somewhat vain and stubborn, which usually got it into trouble in fights. However, this did not hinder it from becoming a great battler and learning to show compassion for others. It is speculated that Snivy had a previous Trainer that it left due to its own dissatisfaction. Fortunately, it seems it was able to find what it was looking for thanks to Ash.


Ash's Scraggy

The second Pokémon Ash received that hatched from an egg, Ash had his hands full while traveling with Scraggy. Despite its access to the powerful move Focus Blast, Scraggy constantly missed the attack and was unable to control it. Additionally, Scraggy’s confidence far outweighed what it was capable of, often leading it to get into trouble. Despite all this, though, Scraggy still was able to prove itself in battles by blocking attacks with its pants and using its moves effectively as Ash further progressed through the Unova region.


Ash's Leavanny

First obtained in the Pinwheel Forest, Ash’s Sewaddle later evolved into a Swadloon during its battle against Burgh—which was also its first battle under Ash’s ownership. Ash had originally kept this Sewaddle on his team in place of Unfeazant, who at the time was a Pidove. During a training battle against Iris’s Emolga, Swadloon quickly evolved again into Leavanny and continued to show its prolific talent in battles.


Ash's Palpitoad

Ash’s Palpitoad originally led a group of Tympole in a pond. When Ash unknowingly invaded its territory in search of a Berry to aid one of his injured Pokemon, Palpitoad attacked. However, when it ordered the Tympole and its friend Stunfisk to attack, Ash’s Oshawott scared away the Tympole, and Cilan ultimately fished up Stunfisk. Palpitoad lost to Ash’s Oshawott in a battle and was thus captured. Later, though, Palpitoad picked up a winning streak as it battled a Stoutland and Zebstrika easily. Unfortunately, despite always being in Ash’s team, Palpitoad did not have any particularly crowning moments, leaving it to often be forgotten.


Ash's Boldore

Similar to Palpitoad, Ash’s Boldore, originally a Roggenrola, came to Ash through strange circumstances—those being it literally crashed into Cilan’s food. When Ash later caught it, Roggenrola was mostly relegated to aiding the group in niche situations like destroying machinery and aiding Pokémon in tough situations. When it later evolved into Boldore, though, Ash managed to use it in more battles and utilize its attacks properly.


Ash's Krookodile

The only Pokémon Ash owns that wears an accessory, Krookodile was originally known as Sunglasses Sandile at the Desert Resort and, later, Sunglasses Krokorok. It was an independent Pokémon that left the Resort after evolving to seek a rematch with Pikachu, but ended up joining Ash’s team after said rematch. It later evolved into Krookodile against Iris’s Dragonite and learned Dragon Claw, a move that let Ash secure a victory in the Pokemon World Tournament Junior Cup.


Ash's Talonflame

Similar to Swellow, Staraptor, and Unfeazant, Ash continued his trend of catching a Flying-type for the start of his journey. Talonflame accomplished quite a lot when it was on Ash’s team, however. In addition to partaking in Sky Battles and Gym battles, it evolved into Talonflame during a bout with the Legendary Pokémon Moltres and used its Flame Body ability to help Ash’s egg hatch into a Noibat.


Ash's Hawlucha

This fierce and strong-willed Pokémon was filling big shoes when Ash met it. As a “forest champion,” Hawlucha used its power and might to protect the Pokémon of the forest until a pair of troublemaking Pokémon convinced the previous “forest champion,” Machamp, that Hawlucha was causing the forest Pokémon pain. Although Ash later lost to Hawlucha when he challenged it to battle, it joined his team nonetheless. Hawlucha, similar to Talonflame, is a capable battler. It also helped assist Ash in raising Noibat when it later hatched from an egg, acting as a big brother.


Ash's Noivern

While Hawlucha was in the middle of training, it found Noibat as an egg and brought it back to Ash, after which it later hatched into Noibat. Confused and worried, it let out a Supersonic and spent most of its first moments unsure of where it was. Ash later caught it, though, and it bonded closely with Talonflame as Fletchinder and Hawlucha. Noibat later demonstrated its bond with the party by learning how to fly in the Pokémon Sky Relay. This trend continued when it evolved into Noivern to save Hawlucha from a rampaging Zapdos—and it was even able to hold its own against the Legendary Pokémon.


Ash's Rowlet

This small, adorable bird Pokémon accompanied Ash across almost all of Alola, and like Pikachu, it spent most its time outside its Poké Ball. Similar to Oshawott and Snivy, Rowlet possesses lots of personality and spunk, having its own way of doing things at its own pace. This was demonstrated when Rowlet swallowed an Everstone, a hold item that prevents evolution. Ash was dismayed at this, but Rowlet later used the stone to perform its Seed Bomb attack. Although it never was against the idea of evolution, Rowlet decided to re-swallow the stone anyway and has since not evolved. Rowlet also has a unique rivalry with Hau’s Decidueye, its fully evolved form, and the two often interact with one another very passionately.


Ash's Lycanroc

Ash’s second Pokémon captured in the Alola region was a Rockruff that originally lived with Professor Kukui. When Ash met the Professor, he bonded with Rockruff and was able to catch the Pokémon after he helped it master Rock Throw. After evolving into Lycanroc, it became prideful of its fur and would go berserk when its fur was dirtied. This put a wrench into quite a few of Ash’s Trial Battles, especially against Kahuna Nanu, where Nanu attempted to insult Ash to drive Lycanroc off its course. It later mastered this red-eyed state—and this became especially helpful when it battled Gladion’s Lycanroc to win the Mahalo Conference and help Ash get his first-ever League victory.


Ash's Incineroar

Despite its sad beginnings as a Litten, Ash’s Incineroar climbed its way to victory in the best way possible. Originally rescued by an aging Stoutland, the two lived together until Stoutland was too ill to continue caring for Litten. When Stoutalnd ultimately passed away, Litten was inconsolable. However, Ash and his Pokémon continued to visit Litten, and the Fire Cat Pokémon ultimately gathered the resolve to join his team. When it saw Kukui’s Incineroar battling, Litten vowed to surpass it one day—and it finally managed to achieve this goal. After countless battles, Litten evolved into Torracat and later Incineroar after defeating Kukui’s Incineroar in the Mahalo Conference. Unfortunately, it passed out while evolving and has not been in any battles since then, but maybe one day Ash will use Incineroar in battle once again.


Ash's Melmetal

Ash’s Melmetal is the only Mythical Pokémon he’s captured and currently owns—and the first Mythical Pokémon to be owned by a protagonist in the anime. Having bonded with Ash’s Rowlet, Ash welcomed Meltan onto his team after helping it retrieve its lost hex nut. A curious Pokémon with a penchant for eating metal, Meltan often turned the tide of battle in some interesting ways by eating the metal that others held—such as when it beat Faba’s Hypno by eating its pendulum, distracting it long enough for Meltan to use Flash Cannon. After witnessing Rowlet defeat Dedcidueye later in the Mahalo Conference, Meltan resolved to fuse with its friends and evolved into Melmetal.


Ash's Dragonite

Ash first encountered this powerful, gentle Pokemon while traveling the world alongside Goh. He met it as a Dragonair, and it appeared that it was having trouble flying. Ash later trained the Dragonair to fly by having Pikachu create an Electroweb trampoline for it. Dragonair repaid this kindness later on when Team Rocket attacked. When Ash started falling toward a whirlpool in the ocean, Dragonair rushed to save Ash. Its skin was too slippery at first for Ash to hold onto, so he continued to fall. Refusing to give up, Dragonair evolved into Dragonite and managed to save Ash. Grateful for the Pokemon saving him, Ash later caught Dragonite and brought it onto his team. It has since been a powerful battler, but is also very affectionate, enjoying hugging others and bringing them happiness.


Ash's Gengar

Ash often manages to take on Pokémon abandoned by their previous owners, and his Gengar is no exception. Originally abandoned by another Trainer three years prior, Gengar inhabited the Cerise Laboratory and awaited its old Trainer’s return. When it heard them bragging about how they’d been freed from Gengar’s “curse,” it later decided it wanted to join Ash’s team instead. Gengar has since become one of Ash’s more mischievous battlers, using its ghostly traits to taunt its opponents and cause all manner of mischief.


Ash's Lucario

While traveling in Sinnoh, Ash found himself once again being in the throes of a Riolu’s Aura. Though Ash had previously traveled with a Riolu and managed to save it from Pokémon Hunter J, this Riolu was in an egg that had refused to hatch. When Ash felt the egg calling to him, it later finally hatched into a Riolu. Initially, Riolu failed to recognize Ash and fled, but Ash later managed to save it from a wild Onix. Following the chaos, Riolu formally joined Ash’s Team. After evolving into Lucario during a battle with Chairman Rose, Ash has since obtained a Key Stone and allowed his Lucario to Mega Evolve, making it a more powerful and formidable opponent.


Ash's Sirfetch'd

While on a visit to Wyndon, Ash and Goh heard about a Galarian Farfetch’d that had defeated another Trainer, and Goh attempted to capture it, even battling it with his own Kantonian Farfetch’d. When the capture failed, Ash battled and successfully defeated Farfetch’d with Riolu. After being healed, Farfetch’d agreed to travel with Ash so it could fight more battles. Farfetch’d later evolved into Sirfetch’d after using its broken leek as a sword and shield to land several critical hits on an opponent’s Gallade. It is a prideful and powerful Pokemon, constantly training to better itself for battles ahead.


Ash's Dracovish

Ash’s most recent Pokemon is the goofy but absurdly powerful Dracovish. When Galarian researchers Cara Liss and Bray Zenn discover some fossils, they offer to revive them into Pokémon and leave them in the care of Ash and Goh. This results in Ash getting a Dracovish, while Goh receives an Arctozolt. Despite its strange shape and odd habits, Dracovish is still a powerful battler thanks to its unique abilities such as being able to run very fast underwater. In addition, it has powerful moves like Fishious Rend and Dragon Rush that it can use against opponents.

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