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Twin Peaks Reboot Rumors Surfaced, Were Then Shot Down. I’m Not Sure What My Feelings Are Doing.

what is this I don't even

Of all the news items I expected I might see today, this was not one of them. There was a rumor floating around that David Lynch met with NBC executives about a Twin Peaks reboot. My hopes were up. Then producer Mark Frost came forward and said the meeting didn’t happen. Hopes down.

Yeah. I know. Everything’s feeling very surreal and Lynchian right now.

That the rumor was debunked isn’t surprising, really—the source was an anonymous 4chan poster who claimed to have been in on the meeting in question, which isn’t all that credible. Still, the details this anon provided about the potential reboot—listed below for reasons of schadenfreude—kind of make me wish it were really happening.

Here’s what we might have gotten, if the rumors were anything other than filthy lies meant to get out hopes up, *sob*:

  • The show would have taken place 20+ years after season two. (So more a sequel than a reboot, but whatever, semantics.)
  • Lynch reportedly wanted most of the original cast to return. Seconded!
  • According to the anon, “Lynch wants to be very hands on with the project but the executives were very open about how ‘unusual’ his tastes are. They seemed a little on edge about him tackling it alone.” “Unusual”? Understatement. But a Twin Peaks without Lynch being fully allowed to let his freak flag fly is no Twin Peaks to me.
  • “The story would revolve around the fact that good Cooper is still in the lodge, and a young (female!) reporter will basically uncover the truth behind Twin Peaks, BOB, and the lodge.” And now we’re not getting this. Why, entertainment gods?! WHYYY?????

And, finally, Lynch was said to have been “adamant” that the new show open with a recreation of the famous red room scene from season one. I’m kind of glad I won’t be seeing that. I’m still recovering from the first one. There is no reason that scene should have been so bone-chillingly scary, and yet. And yet.

I know some people (including me, sometimes) have a knee-jerk reaction against the phrases “reboot” or “remake,” but I think this could have been good as long as Lynch was in control. (Which wouldn’t have been guaranteed, since studio execs can be capable of extreme stupidity. It is known.)

But anyway, it’s a moot point now. Unless David Lynch takes to Twitter to confirm the rumors. Oh please, oh please, oh please…

(via: Death and Taxes)

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