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Dan Harmon is in Negotiations to Return to Community



According to the Hollywood Reporter, Dan Harmon, after being unceremoniously ousted after the third season of the show, is in talks to return to the production of Community in some capacity for the show’s fifth season.

Harmon’s firing, which the known perfectionist was pretty realistic about, was seen by many as a death knell for the series. Community is a pretty unique program and Harmon’s brainchild. It seemed unlikely that it would continue in a recognizable form and with the same quality without him. But the show limped on with mixed reviews of its fourth season and was even renewed for a fifth. The renewal came as a shock to many fans who expected that this would be the last they’d see of the show.

From THR:

Harmon broke the news during his Harmontown podcast on Sunday, according to, which had a reporter present for the taping. According to the site, Harmon told the audience that he has been asked to return to Community — and later asked that his comment be edited out of the podcast, which has not yet been released online.

THR has since reached out to Sony Pictures Television and were told that negotiations are indeed occurring with Harmon, but that there’s “nothing official to report” at the moment. When the show creator initially spoke about his firing, he established pretty firmly that he wouldn’t be happy with a job on Community that did not allow him to make executive decisions about the content of the show. So, if those negotiations should turn into Harmon’s return… well, Community fans, it looks like you could get a Dan Harmon run show again.

(via THR.)

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