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Chuck Schumer Spent Over $8,600 on Cheesecake and Honestly? We Get It.


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A bombshell report emerged recently that New York Senator and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer spent $8,638.85  over ten years on Junior’s Cheesecake via his political action committee (PAC) “Friends of Schumer.”

Now, one might assume that such a bombshell would be met with denials and condemnation, but no … Schumer fully owned up to this scandalous revelation and for one simple reason: Cheesecake is great and loving it is nothing to be ashamed of. And he’s right!

Let’s be reasonable here. This number averages out to less than $72 a month, and that’s like, one and a half cheesecakes per month from Junior’s! A full regular Cheesecake is $43.95 before taxes and shipping! Full disclosure, for the sake of journalistic integrity this reporter seriously considered ordering a Junior’s cheesecake to be shipped to my home and the only thing that stopped me was the fact I’m giving up sweets for Lent.

Seriously, a cheesecake and change a month isn’t just understandable, but commendable.

In a press conference held to address the scandal, Schumer confirmed to reporters that yes, the number is correct and he loves to not only eat the delicious confection but also gives it as thank you gifts to supporters, and that’s the main reason Junior’s shows up so much in the spending by his PAC. He grew up eating Junior’s, which he categorizes as the best cheesecake in New York. (Again, I can confirm this, having sampled it many times.)

“I give them as gifts. I use them for bets, you know when someone wants to bet something, you know for a Brooklyn thing versus a Wisconsin thing,” Schumer confessed in a press conference where he presented some lucky reporters with their own slices (lucky).  “So I say to the New York Post and others, guilty as charged. I love Junior’s cheesecake. It’s the best cheesecake in the world.”

As CNN further explains:

Angelo Roefaro, Schumer’s press secretary, on Sunday confirmed they have bought cheesecakes over the past decade and told CNN the senator “likes any flavor, but plain allows one to really savor that Junior’s recipe.” Schumer’s office told CNN that the money used to pay for the cheesecakes did not come from taxpayers.

Schumer said also that Junior’s is his guilty pleasure, and to that we say: no guilt needed! The world can be a pretty terrible place and if a politician wants to thank supporters with delicious cheesecake and enjoy it himself – go for it! Live our truth, Chuck Schumer. Eat that cheesecake.

(via: CNN)

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