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Bob Iger Drops Some Han Solo Movie Plot Details, Which Is Cool, But Where’s Lando?


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Bob Iger addressed University of Southern California’s Marshall School of Business today, mostly talking about what it’s like being CEO of one of the largest media conglomerates in the world. But in addition to that, he dipped a bit into the forthcoming Han Solo Star Wars Story, sharing some plot details that will make you want to avert your eyes now if you want to avoid even the most innocuous of spoilers.

Ben Fritz, a journalist for the Wall Street Journal, tweeted Iger’s comments on the film.

Yeah, I know, nothing groundbreaking. There’s one tiny nitpick, though. Han won the Falcon off of Lando Calrissian in a game of Sabacc (the Star Wars equivalent of poker), he doesn’t “find” it. Yeah. Like I said. Tiny, insignificant nitpick. That’s probably what Iger meant, so, whatever. As many fans already know, Han also saves Chewbacca’s life, which places the Wookiee in a life debt, hence their partnership. I’m intrigued by the “getting his name” part, though. My old EU trivia is lacking, but as far as I know, Han’s always been Han. It would make sense, though, for him to change his name once he becomes a smuggler, what with secrecy and obfuscation being the cornerstone of the profession.

In addition to this, Woody Harrelson showed up on the Tonight Show to chat about his character a bit, which is described as a “mentor” to a young Han. He also revealed his character’s name: Beckett. Honestly, that sounds like the most Harrelson name for a character, and it fits just so well, right? I can just hear him saying it over and over in my head. It works, you know?

As io9 points out, a lot of the Star Wars talk happens in the first half, so. You know. Don’t sit through the whole interview waiting for more bits if you don’t want to.

All of this info is neat and everything, and of course the movie isn’t even close to being out yet so there’s a huge moratorium on revealing details, I know, so please don’t @ me saying that, but where’s my news about Lando?

One of the shining highlights of this upcoming production was the revelation that Donald Glover would be playing Lando Calrissian, Han’s smooth-talking smuggler pal. I seriously can’t think of a better person to inherit the role from Billy Dee Williams, and if I’m being completely, brutally honest, he’s going to be a large part of why I go see this movie. (That being said, I love Han, so, whatever, I’m seeing it anyway.) I await news of Glover’s Lando with bated breath. I mean, it’s totally cool that Williams thinks pretty well of the guy, but… dangit, I want more!

Anyway. If you want to hop into some wild speculation, the comments section is here for you, like it always will be.

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