A closeup on the face of an Anya Forger plushie doll.
(Studio Wit)

It’s a Good Year for Anime—It’s an Even Better Year for Anime Plushies

It’s a good year for anime. It’s a better year for anime plushies. It’s the best year to get your hands on them. Do you love anime so much that you wish you could just give it a huge squeeze? With these adorable lil guys, you can.

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Satoru Gojo

A plushie of Satoru Gojo from "Jujutsu Kaisen"

Prove that it’s never #gojover as long as you have this Satoru Gojo plushie. Gaze deep into his beautiful eyes and tell him how much you miss him. Cry into his soft, fuzzy hair hoping that he returns to Jujutsu Kaisen. Hold him close to your heart to let him know it beats for him gojover and over again. The world thirsts for the beloved sorcerer’s return (and for the guy in general) but perhaps if you stoke the love fire strong enough in your soul, you can make a miracle happen. I don’t mean an Usher cosplay of the guy. I mean the real thing.


A plushie of Snorlax from "Pokemon"
(The Pokémon Co)

Why catch ’em all when you can catch the best? Snorlax is the greatest of all of Pokemon creations, because let’s face it, he’s the one we all secretly wish that we could be. Would it not be a wonderful life spent eating, sleeping, and being a massive nuisance for travelers on the road? I think so, indeed. Despite stiff competition, Snorlax is the cuddliest of all Pokémon. Aside from his squishy body, he has a cuddly vibe. You wanna lay around all day in bed? That’s fine with him. He’ll be there. He was gonna do that anyway.

Tsukino Usagii

A plushie of Sailor Moon from "Sailor Moon"
(Toei Animation)

Sailor Moon‘s Tsukino Usagii believes that all of the universe’s problems can be solved with love. Maybe she can heal those little wounds in your heart too? This plushie magical girl will always be there for you, just for the love of all that is shojo PLEASE don’t buy a Tuxedo Mask plushie along with her. You’ll never be able to separate the two. Tux doesn’t deserve Sailor Moon’s love, why put yourself in competition for her affection in the first place? There are better ways to spend your money. Like on more Sailor Moon plushies. The more Usagii the merrier.


A Pochita plushie from "Demon Slayer"

Pochita! Man’s REAL best friend! Sure real dogs can become your metaphorical heart or whatever, but could a real dog ever become your physical heart? I think not. Pochita from Chainsaw Man already did when he saved his owner Denji from death. Do you wish that it could have been your flesh the little guy bonded with? Now it can! Just duct tape this plushie to your chest and he’ll basically become a physical part of you. When people ask you what that lump under your shirt is, tell them it’s your heart. Your full, joyful heart.

Anya Forger

An Anya Forger plushie from "Spy X Family"
(Studio Wit)

Anya Forger is so CUTE. Don’t you wish you could just adopt the little telepathic child? Now you can. Spy x Family’s second most adorable character (the first is Bond, the dog) can become your baby with just a few simple clicks! No adoption papers to sign or anything! Just your credit card number! Which is basically what a real child is anyway, a walking, talking expense. But an expense that you’re all too willing expend your love upon.


An Inosuke plushie from "Demon Slayer"

Inosuke from Demon Slayer isn’t exactly the warm and fuzzy type, at least around anyone but you. Now you’ll be able to see a different side of the animalistic swordsman while he’s in plushie form! He still won’t talk much, but that’s because his love language is physical touch.


A Rimuru plushie from "That One Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime"
(Eight Bit)

Rimuru from That One Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime is already cuddle shaped! Now he’s cuddle textured too! Hugging the real thing might turn into a sticky, gooey mess. Imagine squeezing a ball of snot. No thanks. But this plushie Rimuru? A perfect little plush stress ball!

Tony Tony Chopper

A plushie of Tony Tony Chopper from "One Piece"

One Piece‘s Tony Tony Chopper is the only character on this list with the ability to practice medicine! Perhaps he could use some his healing abilities on your lonely little heart. The best thing about this Chopper plushie is that he comes in all shapes and sizes! Marvel at the many different costume options available for him! Grab them all and have a different Tony every week!


A plushie of Koro-Sensei from "Assassination Classroom"

This Koro-Sensei plushie from Assassination Classroom will teach you the greatest lesson of all: how to open your heart. He will wrap his weird little tentacle arms around you, and you can almost, almost hear him say “good job”. Unlike that asshole math teacher you had in middle school, Koro-sensei knows that you always try your best. You don’t have to prove it to anyone else.


A Kobeni plushie from "Chainsaw Man"

Poor, anxious, trigger happy Kobenii. If there was any character from Chainsaw Man that desperately needs a hug, it would be her. While she has the talent for the devil-hunting life, she doesn’t exactly have the temperament. She tends to fly off the handle and try to knife her friends. But it’s just because she has an undiagnosed anxiety disorder and spends 90% of her time in mortal peril! You can fix her.


A Kyubey Plushie from "Madoka Magicka"

Madoka Magica‘s Kyubey is the cutest little evil-doer in all of anime. Seriously, this thing is a cherub kitten-faced psychopath. But that’s okay! He’ll never hurt you. Just everyone else! And that’s okay! He’s so adorable that you won’t need anyone else ever again! When you look into his kitty cat eyes of implacable evil, you’ll forget all about all your pesky “friends” and “family”.


A Naruto Uzumaki plushie from "Naruto"
(Studio Pierrot)

When not chucking Rasengans at people, Naruto always knows how to lend an ear. This knucklehead ninja has managed to talk even the most heart-hearted foes back from the brink of evil. He had the patience to deal with Sasuke for crying out loud. Helping you manage your hard days will be a walk in the park for the greatest hokage.


A Himiko plushie from "My Hero Academia"

My Hero Academia‘s Himiko can’t hurt you, in plushie form at least. Her teeth might look sharp, but they’re just as soft as any other fuzzy little guy on this list. Why would you want a Himiko plushie? Ironic value, I suppose. Seeing this bloodsucking little vampire monster girl reduced to plushie form is too hilarious to resist. Just don’t get blood on her. It probably won’t wash out. She won’t let it.

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