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Watch LeVar Burton Read Goodnight Moon to Neil deGrasse Tyson and Feel All Your Burdens Lift

Tyson cuddles up beside Burton with a blanket and stuffed animal while Burton takes them through Goodnight Moon. I don't know about you, but I felt healed on a spiritual level just watching this. If I had kids, I would set this video beside them at night to fall asleep. Hell, I'm going to set it beside me to fall asleep at night.

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This Kickstarter-Fave Music Player Is Going to Change How You Spotify

The only problem with Spotify? Wherever you want your Spotify playlists to go, your phone has to go too — which can be a pain. The solution: Mighty. The on-the-go Spotify music player was a favorite on Kickstarter, and now we’ve got it at the Mary Sue Shop. Pick it up for $85.99.

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Things We Saw Today: Tamagotchis Are Coming Back Because Everything Old Is New Again

The Tamagotchis Strike Back? The Return of the Tamagotchis?

Bandai America is celebrating the 20th (oy vey) anniversary of the electronic toy with a special limited edition release. I feel very old right now.

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Watch Jon Stewart Gloriously Fail to Be Positive About Trump on The Late Show

"Donald Trump ... is not a cannibal."

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It’s Only a Matter of Time: Time Travel in Fiction and Real Life

Time travel is more than just a far-fetched possibility—it's already a reality, in real life and in fiction.

Science fiction books, movies, and television shows get a lot of mileage out of driving their characters through space and time. In some cases, the hero manages to travel through both with the benefit of a Time and Relative Dimensions in Space (TARDIS) machine. You probably know that space travel is already a reality. But did you also know time travel is possible?

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Carol’s Growth, Daryl’s Sexuality, and Negan’s Ruthlessness: What We Saw at The Walking Dead Panel at NYCC

New York Comic Con (or as I like to call it, Nerd Church) is undoubtedly one of the best places to be for a Walking Dead superfan: just as the long hiatus between seasons is coming to a close, fans are blessed with the panel that always includes the majority of the cast as well as sneak peeks of the season that is yet to come.

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From a Certain Point of View: Star Wars and Emotional Labor

Star Wars (like so many big genre properties) is known for its dead mothers or mother figures, and we can’t undo the decades where they weren’t paid much thought. But we can highlight them now and elevate the contribution that they made in the first place.

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“When Did You Meet YOUR Harvey Weinstein?” Twitter Replies Are Enraging and Show That Sexual Harassment Is Everywhere

The writer Anne T. Donahue put out the call on Twitter for people to share stories of meeting "their" first Harvey Weinstein—meaning a person who abuses their position of power in order to sexually harass—and the replies climbed into the thousands. Way, way, way too many women have met a Weinstein.

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The New Trailer for The Last Jedi Is Here and I Have Way Too Many Emotions

It's here. It's here. It's here. It's here. Wow, my friends. Wow. If the first Last Jedi trailer teased us with mere bites, this trailer is a whole damned banquet—albeit a confusing one.

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Things We Saw Today: Gal Gadot, as Wonder Woman, Makes out With Kate McKinnon on SNL

This is a situation many of us have dreamed about, and now it exists in sketch form.

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7 Badass Horror Heroines for Halloween

As a horror movie fan, it’s impossible to ignore all the issues in the genre. The treatment of women, the graphic use of sexual assault and torture porn, and the lack of complex female characters are just some of the problems in a lot of horror movies. However, there are also a bunch of badass horror heroines out there. These characters are far more than the usual one-note performances that women are often boxed into.

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We Went to the NYCC Black Mirror Panel and Lived to Tell About It

We managed to escape from NYCC's Black Mirror panel without brain implants, and come bearing word of the fourth season.

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We Saw the First Episode of Marvel’s Runaways and It Was Awesome

At the Hulu/Marvel Runaways panel at NYCC, anticipation was high—and fans' long wait was rewarded when we got to meet the cast and watch the pilot episode. The next day, I spoke with Runaways' cast and creators to learn more secrets of the show.

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A NYCC Marvel Retailer Event Turned Ugly, With Complaints About “Freaking Females” and Diversity

At a retailers' breakfast happening adjacent to NYCC, comic retailers had a panel of Marvel editors, writers, and staff on hand to answer their questions. But a normally tame event erupted into bickering and boos, because our never-ending culture wars always seem to find a fresh battlefield.

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Watch Rosario Dawson Read From Andy Weir’s New Book, Artemis

Audible hosted a party on the moon—or pretty damned close to it—and we got to see Rosario Dawson read from Artemis, the latest book from the author of The Martian.

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New York Comic Con Is Starting Today, and We Need You!

We want to know what interests you most. And if you're at NYCC, we'd love to have your hawk's eye view.

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Writer John Scalzi Nails Why It’s So Hard to Be Creative Under Trump

Science fiction author and all around Cool Guy John Scalzi has a new blog post that made me—and judging by reactions, a host of other readers—feel like we're not alone in struggling to produce art in the Trump era.

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And Now, the Latest in Terrible Sexism From the Trump Administration

"The Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act"

Funny that the statement from Trump’s White House should bring what “America’s children deserve” into the fold considering how just last week, Congress threw 9 million American children under the bus by allowing the Children’s Health Insurance Program to expire, but that’s really only the tip of the iceberg in terms of all that’s awful and fucked up about the bill.

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Honest Trailer for Star Trek: The Next Generation Reminds Us of the Show’s Silliest Moments

For many, Star Trek: The Next Generation is the smartest and classiest Trek. But the show had plenty of misfires, along with some oft-repeated tropes. And Honest Trailers has compiled them into a hilarious reel.

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These Wonder Woman Bloopers Are So Good and Pure

Even when world events seem at their bleakest, humanity must've done something right for us to have Gal Gadot.

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