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We Have a Rough Timeline for ‘Andor’ Season 2’s Release!

Diego Luna as Cassian

At Star Wars Celebration 2023, the Lucasfilm presentation panel had the entire Andor cast take the stage to share details about the first season, what it was like premiering the show and the reaction to it, and we also got a bit new information on season two! And seeing Andy Serkis on stage really did give me hope that we’d see him once more in the series.

Creator Tony Gilroy said that the series would be in production until August of this year, and the post-production would take them to 2024, with a potential release date in 2024. What we also got was a first look at season two!

The sneak peak at season 2 was something that gave us a brief glimpse into our favorite characters and had Mon Mothma talking about the future of the Rebellion. We know where the series is heading and Gilroy didn’t try and hide that fact, but it was really something that was an emotional look into season 2.

Rebellions are built on hope

We know what the future holds for Cassian Andor—his fight alongside Jyn Erso—we know what he sacrifices to help the Rebellion defeat the Empire, and getting to see him actually working towards his spy work in the brief look we got was great!

While season 1 didn’t have Mon Mothma and Cassian working together closely, I think season 2 might see them working together in a way that we know they do by Rogue One. And it is just generally exciting to see the love for Andor being shared at Celebration!

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