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Amy Poehler and Rashida Jones Took a Lie Detector Test, Mainly Just Talked Parks and Rec

Amy Poehler as Leslie Knope and Rashida Jones as Ann Perkins in Parks and Recreation


Amy Poehler and Rashida Jones brought best friends Leslie Knope and Ann Perkins to life on Parks and Recreation. Two characters who showed us the beauty of friendship and what finding your person can mean, Ann and Leslie are friendship goals to many out there in the world.

Now though, Jones and Poehler are set on a new journey of friendship: trust. With Vanity Fair, Poehler and Jones decided to test their friendship with a lie detector test. The problem? They can’t stop making jokes enough for some of the answers to be accurate. Gotta love a lie detector test not understanding improv.

While it’s fun to see Jones and Poehler back in action, the moment that brings tears to my eyes is when Jones asks Poehler about whether she’d do a Parks and Recreation reunion. “100%, I’ve made that very clear. I want it too much. I need to pump the breaks,” Poehler said, and honestly, I need it more than anything in this world.

There are very few shows that have a place in my heart the way that Parks and Rec does. Filled with beautiful characters who just love each other and the city of Pawnee most of all, Parks was always my bright spot of the week. Since it wrapped in February of 2015, there has been a Pawnee-shaped hole in the hearts of all its fans.

So, the fact that Amy Poehler truly wants a Parks and Recreation reunion? Honestly, give it to me.

It’s just nice to know that the cast is still friends and love talking to each other. One of the questions that Jones gets to ask Poehler is about the group chats, and in true Parks and Recreation fashion, the cast has roughly five different group chats so that they can all talk to each other.

While I try and not think about bringing back shows from the past (I can live without bringing back The Office or Friends, thank you), there is a spot in my heart for Parks and Recreation that will never go away. It’s a beautiful look at strength, community, and positivity. Not to be dramatic (but then again, I am Leslie Knope), Parks is the show that taught me what love should look like.

So, to have it back even as a dream?


Amy Poehler, you want Parks and Recreation back, and let me tell you, so do I and many fans of the show. So … bring it back. Do it for me, do it for you, and do it for the entire cast who also clearly want to head back to Pawnee, Indiana. To be quite honest, 2020 needs it. Imagine Leslie Knope helping us through this tough political time? If she could do it, so could we.

Either way, it’s nice to see Poehler and Jones back again, and I wish they were on my screens more often.

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