Levitating moon lamp.

7 Great Gifts for the Anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon Landing

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Science buffs and those who love them, this gift roundup is for you. We’ve got seven great picks in honor of the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon landing. They start at just $9.99 at the Mary Sue Shop.

Solar System Mini Set: Bring the solar system inside your home with these 3cm precision-made 3D printed models of the planets. Each is optimized to work with augmented reality so you can learn more about the planets while having them right in front of you. Get the complete set today for $129.

Fundamentals of Physics: This isn’t your high school physics class. Learn all the stuff you might have missed about motion, forces, momentum, energy, and other concepts with lifetime access to this course. Get it for $9.99.

Bionic Bird: The Furtive Drone: It’s a bird … it’s a bird? It’s a drone that looks exactly like a bird, which you can control directly from your smartphone. To recharge 12 times on a single charge, just perch it on the egg charger. Get it for $99.95.

Space Art Posters: Take your walls to the next level with the Andromeda photography poster, the Apollo 11 NASA transcript poster, or the Exploring An Exo-Planet poster. They’re all 3D and come with 3D glasses so you can experience them to the fullest. Get them for $19.95.

NASA AR Notebook & NASA Space Mug Bundle: NASA buffs, see our planet from an astronaut’s view without ever leaving earth—this augmented reality space mug and notebook make it easy. Get it for $54.99.

The Bioluminescent Bio-Orb: This hand-blown glass sphere is filled with bioluminescent PyroDinos that create a natural light at night when gently swirled. Get it for $42.99.

Levimoon: The World’s First Levitating Moon Light: This floating Moon light makes for a perfect nightstand centerpiece and works as a mood light or night light. Fall asleep to the view of the Moon every night, change brightness levels and colors, and recharge wirelessly. Get it for $199.99.

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