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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Great Hera!

Hey Everybody! They Made the Wonder Woman Costume Better!

This picture, and quite a few more, were captured at a night shoot for NBC’s Wonder Woman pilot, and we are impressed with the show’s willingness to adapt.

Lets run down the list:

The pants? Not shiny.

The blue? Darker.

The boots? Red.

The high heels? Gone.

The resemblance to a bargain box “Sexy Superhero™” Halloween costume? Disintegrated.

There are only two more things I’d like to see to call it perfect: straps on that bustier and silver stars on the pants instead of gold, as that would probably make the silver gauntlets seem like less out of place.

But one of those is a total nitpick. This is a costume that I look forward to seeing in cosplay, one that even looks like it would be fun to put together.

There are a bunch more pictures over at The Daily Blam! both of Adrianne Palicki and her stunt double in the costume, and if you’ve ever wondered whether superhero movies still look awesome before all the special effects and trick cuts, go no further than this video, curtesy of DC Women Kicking Ass:

The answer is, amusingly, no.

(via The Daily Blam.)


  • Nicole Hazen

    I’m really hoping this show is good. I’ve never been a big Wonder Woman fan but we need more super hero stuff on TV since they canned The Cape (which I was surprised I liked).

  • Morgan Cazee

    I really appreciate the changes they’ve made on this outfit. I found myself fixating on the possible wardrobe issues around her crotch area. I was thinking camel toe or chaffing or something equally unpleasant. The crotch of the original pants looks strangely long too. How incredible are those boots? I pretty much need them to wear with a jean skirt.

  • Kivrin Engle

    The silver gauntlets really bug me, too. Why mix silver and gold? Blergh. And I still hate the pleather top. But the new costume *is* an improvement, and I do give the show props for its willingness to adapt. Well done.

  • Bahamut

    Still sucks.

  • Rebecca Eisenberg

    I am so glad they fixed the boots and made everything less shiny! She still looks like she’s about to fall out of that top and some of the gold accents still look plastic-y, but it’s a big improvement on the first version. Phew.

  • Anonymous

    Still looks like a Halloween costume, and like her girls are gonna fly out of that top any second (running? oh, why would that cause a problem??). Doesn’t feel as much like they are spitting in our faces though.

  • Lionmml

    I can’t wait to watch this! Thanks to everyone involved for making this show. :) I really hope it is good.

  • ryospn

    It’s really awesome that they made some changes to the costume, even if the top looks a bit, er, shaky, in terms of being able to actually provide support. However, unless they’ve redone the entire script/premise, I’m not interested.

  • Abel Undercity

    Somehow, seeing the top in a photo rather than a drawing really does point up how shoulder straps (at the very least) are crucial to a woman’s crimefighting career. I wonder how Lynda Carter managed? I suspect I wouldn’t like the answer.

  • Fatgreenlady09

    I feel like the top and the bottom doesn’t match for some reason. Maybe its texture mixing? The blue is too dark for the red? The pants seem to be fully functional but the top is just… terrible. I cringe to think of her running in it.

  • Girl

    they canned the cape?

  • Anonymous

    Protip: it won’t be.

  • Nicole Hazen

    That’s what I heard. Could be wrong.

  • Nicole Hazen

    I gotta wait and see. There’s been a lot of stuff I didn’t think I’d like and ended up being a huge fan.

  • Edcedc8

    looks better.

  • Rori

    I seem to recall an interview where she talked about the difficulties of turning at the waste when the bodice did NOT turn at the waste. ;)

    Yeah, unless your costume is sentient, straps are the way to go.

  • Rori

    It’s nice to know someone listens to the fans–this is much better. I think “ew .com” pretty much covers it for the prototype. :D

  • Shard Aerliss

    It still looks really silly… but I guess it IS a super hero “costume”.

  • Inverse

    I still think she looks ridiculous~ and sorry, but I don’t really see what’s wrong with Wonder Woman wearing a skirt. The pants seem like way too much of an attempt at sating a feminist perspective on WW that I don’t think ever existed.

    She has worn many things in many years, and never were pants one of them. Battle skirts, yes~ the hip hugging bottoms~ yes, but never pants. It just doesn’t look good with the rest of the outfit. I’d have rather seen a completely brand new design than this honestly.

    Even the skirt~ would have worked marvelously. Without needing to be solely for the purposes of sexualizing her. The pants just don’t mesh with the upper portion of the outfit at all.

  • Tomkendell

    I am honestly a little worried that this show will go the same way that birds of pray went.