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Allow us to explain.

Faster than a speeding bullet!

Neil deGrasse Tyson Has Found Superman’s Home Planet Of Krypton, With Science

We here at The Mary Sue have a very fond affection for astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson. He’s just so cool! Well his coolness factor just went up exponentially. He’s found Krypton. 

In case you’re not familiar, Krypton is the birthplace of Superman as well as Supergirl, Power Girl, Krypto the Superdog, etc., etc., etc. It’s a fictional planet created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster and in Superman’s origin, exploded just after he was rocketed to Earth by his father. It’s been given a few general locations in space but Tyson believes he’s found out exactly where it lies – in the Corvus constellation, 27.1 light years from Earth, orbiting the red dwarf star LHS 2520.

We’re well aware Tyson is a huge geek but why did he start looking for Krypton? DC Comics had a storyline going in Action Comics about the search for the long lost planet. “One of our staffers reached out to him to see if he’d assist for a story we were doing, and he actually came up with a location,” DC co-publisher Dan DiDio told the New York Post.

Tyson took what information they had and based his work around that. The Post writes, “The [red] star, which is smaller and cooler than our sun, can be seen at right ascension 12 hours, 10 minutes, 05.60 seconds, and declination 15 degrees, 04’ 15.66…[The planet's] distance of 27.1 light years — roughly 150 trillion miles — coincides with the age Superman is supposed to be in the comics.”

“As a native of Metropolis, I was delighted to help Superman, who has done so much for my city over all these years,” said Tyson of the honor, which doesn’t stop there. Tyson’s illustrated likeness will make an appearance in this week’s Action Comics #14.

“By applying real-world science to this story, he has forever changed Superman’s place in history. Now fans will be able to look up at the night’s sky and say, ‘That’s where Superman was born,’” said DiDio.

(via NY Post)

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  • Anonymous

    Back in the day, before it was officially named Rao, I was convinced Krypton’s sun was called Atlas.

    There was a story in Detective #500 called “To Kill a Legend” in which the Phantom Stranger gave batman the chance to stop the murder of his parents on a parallel Earth, to give him at least some bit of closure about the event. Problem was, Robin did a little digging, and realized that in this world, Krypton didn’t exist. So by preventing the Wayne murder, he may create a world where there’d be no heroes.

    The panel in question read, “But according to this star atlas, the sun that Krypton revolves around doesn’t exist!”

    I read it as “But according to this, THE star Atlas, the sun that Krypton revolves around doesn’t exist!”

    And so for years, I was convinced it was named Atlas, at least here on Earth. Which, in honesty, would have been a good name for it.

  • Captain ZADL

    That’s an awesome way to interpret that kind of thing. I’m sure I made similar reading mistakes as a kid, but none of them seem to be that creative, at least that I can remember.

  • Nick Wesselmann

    For someone who found Krypton, he isn’t very good at finding terrestrial cities. He says he is a native of Metropolis, but New York can’t be Metropolis if they can drive to and from Smallville, Kansas in a day. There fore it must be either Kansas City, Denver, or St Louis. Most likely KC. :D

  • Christopher Haley

    Am I the only one who remembers that Krypton was destroyed? As in it’s not there anymore? The planet Tyson discovered is Dheron, the next planet over from what was Krypton. They’re the ones who blew up Krypton in the first place. Honestly people, read a book.

  • Brian Adkins

    That’s neat and all but Kal-L (Kal-El?) was born on Krypton, Superman was “born” on Earth,know what I’m sayin’? :-)

  • Jason Montgomery

    Metropolis is in Illinois Or by comic book locations, 60 miles south of Gotham City. Neither of these cities are NYC, but both are on the east coast. It’s believed that Gotham is in New Jersey, which means it would have been destroyed by Sandy. Smallville isnt in Kansas, except in the show Smallville, which really didnt treat geography too kindly.

  • SJ286

    So is this Corvus constellation still in Space Sector 2813?

  • Robert Vary

    Speed of light, man. If it’s 27.1 light years away, and Superman was born around the time it blew up, and he’s about 27 years old, then the light from that explosion should be reaching us right about… NOW. Also, Dheron only exists in the DC Earth One universe, while the Tyson story above takes place in the main continuity.

  • Wolf Plushtoy

    As long as he doesn’t try to substitute cigarette tar for the unknown element in the spectrograph scan, we’ll be ok.